Wall Street closes with heavy losses and Dow Jones falls

Wall Street closed today again with heavy losses and Dow Jones from Industriales' main indicator declined by 2.21% to clear the cumulative gains of the year, amid the overall downturn in the technology sector.

At the end of the session Dow Jones It fell 551.80 points to 24 465.64 points, while the S & P 500 declined by 1.82% or 48.84 points to 2 641 89 points.

With today's descent, both indicators showed negative territory for the full year of 2018: Dow weakened 1.03% from January and S & P 500 by 1.19%.

To composing composite index Nasdaq fell by 1.70%, respectively. 119.65 units at 6,908.82 and is approaching red numbers because its annual deposit was reduced to 0.08%.

Large technology companies quoted in this index and responding to the initials "FAANG"have dropped 20% of their peak in the past 12 monthswhat analysts see as a "bear market".

These are Facebook (+ 0.67%), Amazon (-1.11%), Apple (-4.78%), Netflix (-1.34%) and Alphabet (+ 0.29%), Google Matrix Slightly Rise.

According to sectors, the technology sector remained capitalized at 2.14%, almost insignificant (-2.18%), but most affected the energy sector (-3.29%) associated with oil prices on international markets,

Texas head dropped by 6.64% ($ 53.43), while Brent was down 6.44% ($ 62.65), between he is afraid slowdown a global economy that reduces demand for oil and the future surplus,

We are looking forward to your Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. and at the beginning of the holiday shopping season, the New York Stock Exchange saw a sharp response to unsatisfactory quarterly sales results for Target (-10.52%) that infected others such as Kohl's (-9.23%) or L Brands (-17.71%). .

30 titles traded on Dow Jones ended in red, led by Apple. Notable losses were recorded by Goldman Sachs (-3.47%), Walt Disney (-3.08%), Caterpillar (-2.94%), Exxon Mobil (-2.84%), Chevron (-2.78% ), Microsoft -2.75%).

In other markets, at the end of Wall Street, gold was at $ 1,222.20 per ounce, the yield of a ten-year government bond rose to 3,063% and the dollar gained the country against the euro, which turned to 1,139.


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