Was Prince Harry in public asshole Meghan Markle? These are playful pictures (VIDEO)

There is no doubt that the prince Harry and Meghan Markle they enjoy their love to the maximum and are not afraid to make it public, the reason why sometimes cameras capture their memories and playful ones among them.

During their last international tour, soldiers from Sussex appeared in a curious position as they boarded the plane, for it seemed as if Prince Harry had slapped a woman.

According to the magazine CosmopolitanIt was when he boarded the plane from Australia to New Zealand when Harry took Meghan behind his back but his hand dropped to the bottom and everything was captured by the present photographers.

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Vampire fans responded very positively to the pictures because they said they were playful and loved.

In several media it has been reported that images may also be an optical illusion due to the angle from which the photographs were taken, but the dukes are always close.

This trip was very special for the royal couple because it was made in the midst of the first pregnancy report by Meghana Markle, which could be given in the spring of 2019.

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