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When should I stop taking the pill for pressure?

When your doctor tells you, although you have recently seen a newsletter about the withdrawal of some lots of losartan, a blood pressure control medicine you may be taking. If you see these warnings, tell your doctor or pharmacy to provide you with information or to guide you through. Stop taking "pill" on your own would "worse medicine than disease." First, talk to your doctor about a possible alternative treatment.

Now that you know it, let's find out why it's important that you take care of your blood pressure.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 75 million adults (1 in 3 people) in the United States have high blood pressure; It is estimated that half of this total is out of control.

Untreated high blood pressure weakens the walls of the arteries. It limits oxygen that organs must function properly. It's more stress for the heart muscle, it can give you a stroke, a heart attack, an artery in the head can explode, the aorta spread, so the valves can fail. It is like a plumbing system with a fluid velocity of up to a thousand, of course, part of the tube will break. Your eyes or kidneys may be damaged. Remember that the kidneys are very fine and if you shoot them with this blood for miles, they are destroyed. The World Health Organization reports that 9 million deaths a year cause hypertension in the world.

According to the definition of the American Heart Association, hypertension is considered to have systolic pressure (which is the pressure when your heart beats – a number above) above 140; and they have diastolic pressure (which is the pressure when the heart rests between strikes – number below) above 90 all the time.

Causes of high blood pressure

This can be caused by myriad things: it can be idiopathic (unknown causes), family history, arteriosclerosis, chronic kidney disease, diabetes. mellitus, unhealthy diet or some drugs, persistent stress, tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse, high cholesterol or age because it hardens with the aging of the arteries. When you are young, you need to find out if there is any disease that affects the arteries when obesity or weight gain.

Worry if you use cocaine

Drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine increase pressure. Be honest when you go to the hospital to help you and ask if you use these substances because there are pressure control drugs that can harm you because of their drug interaction. Search for help to end addiction.

Hypertension is generally asymptomatic. The way to find out whether your pressure is "over the roof" or normal is to measure with a "pressure measuring machine" at home, at work, at university, or in pharmacies. If you do not have high blood pressure and if it is elevated, see a doctor who will evaluate you.

If you are already suffering from hypertension, check your blood pressure regularly and write down daily values ​​in your notebook, as it is an instant moment in your clinic that doesn't reflect your daily life. In addition, there are people who suffer from what is known as white coat syndrome: pressure rises when you visit a doctor. It is ideal to take pressure on your medical appointments. This data helps the specialist know if the treatment is working.

You have to go to the doctor to find the source of the problem. Depending on the cause, this will be a treatment that may consist of changes in diet, less salt consumption, healthy stress management, regular exercise, pharmacological treatment or surgery. Hypertension can be prevented because we are young. The priority is to diagnose, treat and control it to prevent disability or premature death due to its complications.

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