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Where do I start when I want to play Mario Bros.

Is there a perfect way to get to Super Mario Bros Saga? At first it is very, very complicated not to give me an opportunity superstar NintendoThe most famous face of the industry is synonymous with adventure, fun and entertainment. It is now possible to organize all your supplies today Out of your order,

The idea is ambitious: select all titles contained in the official saga based on the Nintendo encyclopedia ordering them how their game design evolves and distinguishing between main stages and mechanics.

We have set ourselves to solve this particular act the three main rows to deviate from, which we also ordered based on the level of skill we require. This way we have a classic van, series New Super Mario Bros. and adventures in three-dimensional levels. We must add to this short list with multiplayer supplies simultaneouslyso you can share the game.

What you don't see is yours spin-offMario has participated in all kinds of sports, RPGs and even played in his own saga. Despite how versatile our friend is with mustachioed, we focused on his aspect of plataformerWhat does not mean that there is an integrated license with much logic that will surprise you.

As a further note, we have taken into account the very specific number of special and improved editions. So four revised installments of Game Boy Advance, compilation Super Mario All-Stars O Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Game Boy are omitted.


Our idea is to create a gaming line based solely on its playingand leaving the technical and visual part in the background as well as the argument itself. In cases where they are of course.

In front of us, hours of fun, challenges and what they call the nintendo's magicBecause Mario didn't get the crown as king of platforms overnight, but by putting a chair and takes the reins of the whole genreBy the way, something he does today.

Inevitable procedure: how to play Super Mario Bros?

On paper, The aim of Maria and his brother Luigi is to twist plans for Bowser and members of his clan. In practice, our main goal is to go through the scenario from end to end, so – despite the fact that we find coins and Power supply– Everything comes to a battalion, a goal or a star that awaits us at the end of each level.


In most games side scroll two buttons are enough. One jump and one use any skill or item we get during the game. Also, if we leave the second pressed we can run. Something particularly comfortable.

As the saga evolves in both 2D and 3D games, we can also do it all kinds of pieces and acrobatics, Bounce on a wall with jumps that we can extend or increase if we perform a key sequence with precision. Also, from Mario 64 it is possible to brake our jumps in the air dry.

Where is the classic Mario Bros?

Nswitchds Arcadearchives 02

Curiosity: Mario debuted in his series, As Jumpman, this brave plumber would face the same thing Donkey Kong in recreational homonymous, being-extra-villain in his sequel. Of course, he will soon play his own game and this time He would be accompanied by his brother Luigi.

Name Mario BrosIt came to arcades in 1983 and was even published in Atari. And although jumps were an essential part of the equation, it was A pure and hard arcade gameThe fact that it is not considered in the series Super Mario This is essentially because it lacks essential components compared to other deliveries.

However, the initial game mechanics was intact because – in the end – they were an extension of the views in Donkey Kong. However, our assessment would not be complete this little bit of the history of video games.

Starting point: classic series in NES and beyond


Recommended order:

  1. (NES) Super Mario Bros., 1985
  2. (Game Boy) Super Mario Land, 1989
  3. (Famicom) Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels, 1986
  4. (NES) Super Mario Bros. 2in Europe and the USA.
  5. (Game Boy) Super Mario Land 2, 1992
  6. (NES) Super Mario 3, 1988.
  7. (SNES) Super Mario World, 1990


There is no better start than the cult world 1-1 Super Bario Bros. Sure, most veterans will come to your musical theme just by seeing the image as the one you can see a little bit higher.

After a logical advance, Mario's debut in Game Boy s Super Mario Land It is the most balanced continuation. Before and Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels The difficulty level was a few steps above the original.

The natural development of the saga would come Super Mario 3, although there are two very different deliveries that are worth addressing:

  • System Power supply and mapped Super Mario Land 2 which would serve as a letter of introduction to Waria and which would be maintained in all the side scrolls.
  • The biggest visual display and new possibilities for interaction a Super Mario 2 which was actually a Westernization of the original name of Famicom: Yume Koujou Doki!

Paradoxically, Western Super Mario Bros. 2 would reappear in Japan a few years later as Super Mario USA.

The cycle closes in style Super Mario World, which gathers and multiplies everything he has learned in previous deliveries, adding new dimensions Mode 7 The beast brainas well as a great little playable addition: the ability to ride on Yoshi

Advanced Entertainment: Mario's Rebirth


Recommended order:

  1. (iOS and Android) Super Mario Run, 2017.
  2. (Nintendo DS) New Super Mario Bros., from 2006.
  3. (Nintendo 3DS) New Super Mario Bros. 2, 2012.
  4. (Wii) New Super Mario Bros. Wii, 2009
  5. (Wii U / Switch) New Super Mario Bros. U / Deluxe, from 2012 and 2019.


Before the release of Switch, Nintendo took his star to his cell phone. Super Mario Run She kept the soul of the classics and simplified her control system to something as simple as it is tapear finger It is one of the last installments, yes, but it is also best to start this stage.

Super Mario Run is part of the renaissance of the classic formula which, by the way, begins almost ten years earlier: s New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo discovered her iconic saga. An intelligent movement without giving up its own identity it has given Real visual face wash and new gameplay options.

That was an immediate success it will soon continue in 3DS and desktopwho, for the first time, added a down payment that would become one of her biggest attractions: the possibility simultaneous multiplayer. Something we'll talk about below.

3D platforms: seat in all directions

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Recommended order:

  1. (N64) Super Mario 64, 1996
  2. (GameCube) Super Mario Sunshine, from 2002
  3. (Switch) Super Mario Odyssey, 2017
  4. (Nintendo 3DS) Super Mario 3D Earth, 2011
  5. (Wii U) Super Mario 3D World, 2013
  6. Super Mario Galaxy, 2007
  7. (Wii) Super Mario Galaxy 2, 2010


Not only did Mario save his plataformero style in side vertical levels, but also in style Super Mario 64 It is an undisputed stele to follow when a jump was made at levels in a three-dimensional environment. Keys?

  • Adjustable camera system.
  • Comprehensive scenarios and filled secrets that have increased playback value
  • Wand-supported avant-garde control system and these new possibilities.

Nintendo added new nuances and levels of fun. In Super Mario Sunshine and recent Super Mario Odyssey, followers of this successful polygonal Mario, also had two accessories with their own identity: ACUAC invented by Professor Fesor a Intrepid Cappy, a hat with which we could capture and turn into countless objects and enemies.

From there, there is a dilemma regarding the continuation of our adventures:

  • The saga Super Mario 3D more traditional scenarios are being explored that emphasize perspective and performance. Also in Super Mario 3D World multiplayer would be one of its maximum incentives.

  • In two installments Super Mario Galaxywhose inspiration in Little Prince is more than obvious, the stages are huge and consist of meteorites, satellites, huge space stations and even planets in which gravity has a special role.

Therefore, and given the size and epic of Maria's interstellar adventures, Super Mario Galaxy 2 it would be postulated as a perfect brooch plataformera saga. Of course we have a few ideas that we could put on the table.

How to access saga through Simultaneous multiplayer


  1. (Nintendo 3DS) New Super Mario Bros. 2, from 2012.
  2. (Wii) New Super Mario Bros. Wii, from 2009.
  3. (Wii U and Switch) New Super Mario Bros. AT / Deluxe , from 2012 and 2019.
  • (Nintendo DS) Super Mario 64 DS, from 2004.
  • (Wii U) Super Mario 3D World, from 2013.


Mario Bros. the original had a huge cooperative-competitive element, but for years the saga featured multiplayer relayFortunately, Nintendo is clear today sharing a sofa and experience is one of its hallmarksSomething that was founded at some point in the saga.

In fact, technically the first title Super Mario Bros. with simultaneous multiplayer after the turn of the millennium it was Super Mario 64 DS, adaptation of the 1996 title with a wide range of news and additions to the price they pay: they are not included in the holeOf course, it is recommended to play the N64 classic first.

3D world

Already focused on the experience of several players, Nintendo has given a successful twist to the idea Super Mario 3D Earth On the Wii U. Another experience that in this case you can enjoy with GamePad, three Wiimotes and up to 3 friends.

But a true multiplayer revolution I'll come with it New Super Mario Bros.or rather its three sequels: while the direct continuation of 3DS allows two brothers Mario to share the screen, table adjustments Have games for up to four players as messy as fun.

Something that may not be considered a Party Game, though it should. Especially with New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Thanks to the already traditional Super Guide and the incorporation of Toadette and Caco Gazapo, it allows less skilled players to join the games.

And if we want more experience hardcore?

Super Mario Maker Saga: and Nintendo opened Pandora's box

Super Mario Maker 2

We leave this list closed – and open at the same time a real fire test For Platform Fans: Three Super Mario Maker Installments. Also known as infinite Mario,

Nintendo launched the 30th anniversary of its star on the Wii U Super Mario Saga Editor that covered practically the entire saga: we had tools, enemies, and Power-Ups inspired Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario. Bros., including the distinctive appearance of each.

The idea is limited to creating levels, the true genius is able to share them with other players, increasing the possibilities – and variants – to infinity. But also opens the door to fans to develop new types of challenges,

The idea was too good to be kept in a single console, and we saw it shortly after adaptation tailored to Nintendo 3DS capabilities.

And be careful, it didn't mean much less that Great N lacked ideas. Following the adventures of Maria, Nintendo dared to raise her own bar to continue Mario Maker for Switch, menu new and fascinating tools,

Therefore Super Mario Maker Not only is this the perfect brooch for our review of the plumber's trajectory, but also open the door to enjoy the saga and after completing all previous deliveries, polish our skills as a player.

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