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Who is Maribel Guardia's singer and actress

Maribel Guardia is one of the most beautiful and sensual women in the show; a few years ago he had an affair with Joan Sebastian, his son Julian Figueroa was born of this love. Today, Marco Chacón Fernández is the owner of his heart.

Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón (12 years younger than her) married in July 2011, after thirteen years of friends and eight years of life.

What does the singer and actress's husband do? He is a reputable lawyer who specializes in intellectual property and is a leading company in Mexico. He is also a legal advisor and artistic management. It should be noted that he represents Julian Figueroa (who launched himself as a singer shortly after his father Joan Sebastian died).

Maribel Guardia shares photos with her husband, and when she does, causes her thousands of followers to stir.

I share the biography of Marco Chacón Fernández:

  • Doctor of Commercial Law at Universidad Anáhuac in agreement with Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Master in Corporate Law from Universidad Anáhuac.
  • Diploma in Corporate Contracts Universidad Anáhuac.
  • Negotiating and Mediation Specialist at Castilla-La Mancha University.
  • Intellectual Property Specialist of the University of Castilla-La Mancha.
  • Law title at the International University of America
  • Costa Rica Verified SEP in Mexico, with CENEVAL Exam. Costa Rican and Mexican Professional Certificates.
  • University professor at masters and bachelor level.
  • Writer of several legal papers published by an international publisher.

Although rumors of separation or crisis have ever appeared, the beautiful Maribel Guardia commented that she has a stable relationship with her husband, who is doing everything on their side every day to keep their marriage strengthened.

Marco Chacón was also a very good father (as well as a friend) of Julian Figuero.

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