Why will not the three asteroids they spend tomorrow at the Earth pose some danger? | Company

Significant NASA data suggests that three asteroids pass around the Earth on Saturday.

But we should not be afraid of these three reasons:

1. Distance

Space Universes with coded names 2018 VS1, 2018 VR1 and 2018 VX1 will pass near Earth. Of course, "in the cosmos". Therefore, according to US Air Force forecasts, the first two will be much larger than the Earth and Moon's average distance (384,400 kilometers).

The Asteroid 2018 VS1 will be at its nearest approach to Earth at 3.62 monthly distances, while the 2018 VR1 will be far away: roughly at 13.19 lunar distances. Only 2018 VX1 will go a little closer than our satellite: at 0.99 monthly distances.

2. Size

For NASA calculations, no object less than about 140 meters is considered potentially dangerous. Asteroids that pass through Saturday are completely harmless. Model 2018 VS1 measures a width of 13 to 28 meters, while the 2018 VR1 asteroid is between 14-30 meters wide and 2018 VX1, from 8 to 18 meters.

3. A similar asteroid happened and we did not notice it

It is an asteroid 2018 Va2, which has a 10-23 meter width in the madrigade this Friday at 01:01 GMT at a distance of 1.87 from the Earth's Moors.

The planet continues with its life.

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