William Levy opposes criticism of Juan Osorio Diario de México |

Mexico City.- After Juan Osorio in an interview with Televisa program "Hoy" shows that he is not interested in working with actor William Leo, reacted through his social networks, suggesting that it seems "funny" that the current executive producer of the song "My husband has a family" is expressed in this way because they never had coffee.

"I think for William, the start and his triumph was soap opera, and now he has not accepted them and refused them, it is ungrateful ", Osorio said of Levy.

Cuban actor and wife of actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez made a statement in which he exposed his inconvenience.

"I hereby express my deep indignation at the unpleasant words with which producer Juan Osorio expresses himself without knowing me. It is amazing when people in the industry are so desperate because they consider they are able to trample anyone who thinks it will increase"It is listed in the report section.

It is important to mention that Levy and Osorio have never worked together, the reason the Cuban actor is upset. ,

"First, this particular person has always been and will always be considered a low-quality manufacturer. There is no scenario he would ever think of, so his answer alone is almost as irrelevant as he. I can not blame him for not knowing me, I would never meet with people like him. But if he knew me, he knew that being a father was before anything else in my life, including my career "

Finally, in this general statement, she left a strong message to former husband of actress Niurce Marcos.

"The lesson is clear: there will always be people who shed the veins through the veins. They will always try to get up and pull others. The right winner will be those who maintain energy in gaining others. We thank Juan for the example of our children who should not be alive, "he concluded.

William Levy began his career in Mexico and is remembered for successful melodramas such as "Sortilegio" next to Jacqueline Bracamontes.

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