You have a chance to win the battle against prediabetes

Notimex / La Voz de Michoacán

Mexico City Seven out of ten people with prediabetes will have diabetes, but if it is detected in time and the medical indication will be monitored, it may be reversed, says Rutila Castañeda, a specialist in endocrinology and nutrition at the La Raza National Health Center.

Attending a World Diabetes Day meeting commemorated on November 14, the researcher mentioned the factors that are considered when diagnosing the pre-diabetic condition.

Prediabetes is a condition where the blood glucose level is higher than normal but not high enough to be type 2 diabetes, that is, glucose values ​​in the range of 100-125 mg / dl are processed rapidly. it's because the body does not process sugar properly, "he said.

In 2015, there were 11 million people with glucose intolerance, that is, those who had pancreatic pain for two hours after having received blood.

The investigator explained that when the pancreas no longer provides good insulin quality, the sugar levels begin to rise gradually, and a red indicator lights up after a 125 mg / dL glucose level.

If we continue with the same eating habits and do not exercise, this level will increase to 126 mg / dl, a thin line between pre-diabetes and diabetes, that is milligram deciliter, but we diagnose diabetes within this range, "he said.

The risk factors associated with the onset of prediabetes are overweight or obese and those who have a sedentary life, so it is important to change the lifestyle.

Mexico is fifth in the global incidence of diabetes. It is estimated that 12 million people live with diabetes, but if 80% of them change their lifestyle, they could be prevented, said Hector Sanchez Mijangos, medical president of the Mexican Diabetes Federation.

If a patient responds to what is labeled as exercise, changing eating habits and taking medication, the prediabetist may be reversible, although it depends on how affected or not your pancreas is, Notimex specialists said. ,

Diabetes "is a disease that is gaining ground because politics have not produced results, it needs to be stepped up at the government level to put an end to this big problem," he said.

Juan José Irazabal Lujambio, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mexican Diabetes Federation, reiterated that one of the organization's goals is to disseminate information on diabetes.

They also seek to promote education in this disease, reduce incidence and encourage those living with the disease to have good control and healthy habits to improve their quality of life.

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