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6 Nations 2019 – Romain Ntamack (XV France), already tomorrow – 6 Nations 2019 – Rugby

Scheduled to be one of the blues leaders in 2023, the recent world champion under the age of 20, who has already established himself as a three-quarters tailor-made Toulouse, has still grilling stages. All in peace. There is no surprise with him. From his early childhood (a paradoxical expression when we think of a 19-year-old boy), Romain Ntamack uses all the barbecues. One must see the age when he joined Borůvků (17 years), into which he entered the elite list of French XV (18 years) and then first appeared in the Top 14 (18). years) and was selected with French barbarians (18 years) or when he started to shine in the championship cup (19 years).

No wonder we will see him at the center of the tricolor attack just today for 19 years and 9 months, making him the youngest player of this tournament of 6 nations. Quite frankly, it is a long time that the subject is presented as a phenomenon in creation, until it is placed very soon as a big hope of hexagonal rugby. All he had to do was to go to Stade Toulousain a few years ago to see his youthful face and provide more night work on Ernest-Wallon's reasons.

Where his father Emile became a legend. Where the boy grew, he built and even extended his contract recently until 2023. At the time of his talk, his current coach Ugo Mola, who launched him into the Big 14 Spa, even confided: "Romain was born with a red and black jersey on his back, holding a red and black jersey … filled with a right-handed logo."

" Age does not mean much"

In addition to extraordinary technical skills and above-average quality, which are great today, and usually justify his holding together with Wesley Fofana to start the tournament, Romain Ntamack has always impressed his clarity and balance. In the game, of course, every player who has crossed the youth category insists on his precision and ability to control events but also outdoors. Hardly adult, Toulousain was professional. Access to his profession, his personal rigor and his media interventions.

His confidence and perspective in analyzing his own achievements and the teams in which he is developing are astounding. This allows him to address each new challenge with the presumption and the confidence he has trusted. Before his first cast in the Cup of Champions, he proceeded as follows: "It's in the continuity of what I live in: after the Top 14, the European Cup, it's over, a contest I want to know." Spleen is obvious as well as in the match. Ntamack never concealed that his ambitions were extremely high, at the height of his individual demands.

After finishing up last season's premature discovery (five matches in the Top 14 and five Challenge Cup competitions for a total of six starts), Ugo Mola did not hesitate to create an important pawn in his system since the start of the current exercise, at position 12. What claimed his protege . At the end of his coronation with blueberries, he assured us at the beginning of August: "Now I count on one in a team, and although I'm young, I intend to show that age does not mean much, and if I'm good, I play." Just as he has his hands in hand.

XV France - Romain Ntamack takes part in the Blues training in Marcoussis

XV France – Romain Ntamack takes part in the Blues training in MarcoussisSports icon

Until this stadium in Paris, where he will be the second world champion, to recognize the honor of choosing Bambo. "I'm proud of Dembu and his motivation motivates meassured us in November. I want to help XV. France to have good results. " She already has an opportunity.

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