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The action of Didier Drogby after his last match as a professional summed up perfectly:

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Football news24 / 7 Didier Drogby's famous career in professional football is finally over. The legendary Ivory Coast player hung up at the age of 40 after having suffered a 1-0 loss in Phoenix Rising in Louisville City in the USL Cup final on Thursday night. Drogba allowed Phoenix to get to the final by scoring three goals in three matches – including a big free kick in the first round of the team – but unfortunately could not help his final club win the trophy. Luke Spencer's second half-time for Louisville was the only goal at the Mark & ​​Cindy Lynn football stadium in Kentucky. Drogba, who scored 10 goals in 14 games in his first season in second place in the US before reaching five goals in nine regular seasonal matches this season, is still turning with an impressive collection of winning medals. During his 20-year career, Drogba has won four titles in The Premier League, four FA Cups, three league cups, two gold boots in the Premier League and of course the UEFA Champions League with Chelsea. Outside of Stamford Bridge, he also won the Turkish Super Lig, the Turkish Cup, the Turkish Football Player of the Year, and two African Player of the Year Awards. During his last match Drogba proved that even at the age of 40 he could still produce good moments. Look at that … But Drogba showed his class after the last whistle. Pictures from the Phoenix Rising Twitter account show Drogba applauding the fans before shouting to their teammates: "Come on, come on, then go to club supporters and console after defeat." We hear Drogba tells a fan: "Do not worry, do you? It's alright. Do not cry. "Then he said to another," Hey, thank you for everything. "Because Drogba went first and encouraged his teammates to do the same, fans of Phoenix Rising had a rare opportunity to get close to the players, and it must have been a real consolation for what was obviously a big unfortunate night for you to watch a beautiful moment … The Absolute Drogby course, these are pictures that really sum up this guy, there is no football, thank you grandfather, you want to write for GiveMeSport, start today by logging in and sending the article HERE:
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