Angels 11: Aurélie Dotremont, Julien Guirado (LMvsMonde3), Raphael Pepin Casting … The First Shooting Revealed (VIDEO)

While Angels 3 continues on NRJ12, production began to shoot Angels 11 with the presence of a candidate from Marseilles and the rest of the world 3, who created a surprise for the melts. Thanks to Aqababe, the first indiscreet adventure that will take place in Marrakech has just fallen and we'll let you discover the video below, we see the first candidates on the starting line of this new adventure. We can see them from the plane before we arrive at the airport and find production … Look!

If these first images are relatively distant, candidates also published evidence of their presence in Morocco Aurélie Dotremont, who recently announced that she had left the shot, or Julien Guirado, who made a product from Marrakech, as shown by its Snapchat filter. Raphael Pepin and Thomas, the inevitable Candidates of the Angels have done the same thing, confirming the reputation for the angels that have been announced in casting! You will also find our exclusive Jaja Interview on Andels 3 on Angels 11, possible participation in MELA4 and his favorite adventure …

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