Bouachrin's case: the verdict fell

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After several months of trial, the Casablanca court delivered its judgment in the case of Taoufiq Bouachrine, editor of Akhbar Al Yaoum.

Investigated for rape, harassment and trafficking in human beings, Taoufiq Bouachrine was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The President of the Court suspended the hearing to proceed to the hearing, by the way, announcing the closure of the closed session. Several journalists entered the courtroom to hope to grab a statement from lawyers. Prior to the trial, the accused admitted at his last trial that he had "consensual" sex with the victims and that he paid for his writings against the "Saudi regime." ,

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During oral arguments, the counsel of the complainants and the civil party assured that the expertise of the National Gendarmerie Laboratory confirmed that it was really Taoufiq Bouachrine who appeared on the video. The defendant's defense had a different opinion. According to Mohammed Ziane, sequences seized by the authorities and projected during the month of Ramadan were shot "in the dark," which makes it impossible to distinguish actors.

The "Verdict" of the Royal Gendarmerie Laboratory is without appeal: "65 videos are authentic". The group was grouped in a hard disk that belonged to Bouachrin, according to the prosecution was detained on the day of his arrest. Bouachrine, on his part, has refused any connection with seized videos to explain that he is not the owner of confiscated material (cameras and hard drives).

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At trial, the evidence of the complainants was the main evidence against the detainee despite the withdrawal of some of the complainants. Faced with some testimony, Bouachrin left the Court of Appeals Court in Casablanca. In the absence of a clear defense strategy, Bouachrine lawyers tried to "politicize" the court, explaining that Bouachrine was the victim of revenge and political-judicial machinations.

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