Football Leaks: The PSG recognizes the ethnic record

PSG's response has not changed several hours after the new revelations of the Football Leaf file published by Mediapart. "French", "Maghrebian", "Western Indian", "African": Between 2013 and 2018, PSG recruits ethically stuck young players that the club explored, according to a new set of Football Leaks.

The Paris Club "confirms that Illegal Content Forms were used between 2013 and 2018 by the recruitment center of a training center dedicated to areas outside the Île-de-France" and denounced this daily "the personal initiative responsible for this department". This is Marc Westerloppe, who focused on the Mediapart and left this year in the Rennes club. After interviewing Le Parisien, Marc Westerloppe admits "clumsiness, error". In an interview with Agence France Presse, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Jean-Claude Blanc said: "It should never have happened in the PSG."

Complaint lodged

In response to these revelations, the League of Human Rights has filed a "complaint against X for discrimination as well as for the collection and processing of personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin," Malik Salemkour, president of the association, wrote in a letter to the Agence France-Presse. It seems that (…) some players would be excluded from recruiting to this club only on the basis of their ethnic origin "in violation of the Criminal Code." Minister of Sport Roxana Maracineanu expressed his "apprehension." "If these acts of discrimination are proven, are punished by disciplinary or even criminal sanctions. We can not tolerate people being identified, accepted according to their skin color or their origin, "she said. The Minister asked the French Football Federation President Noël Le Graet," and the President of the Professional Football League [LFP] "Nathalie Boy de la Tour" to explore this issue as soon as possible and, in the broader sense, to make recommendations to change attitudes and fight against this behavior on and off the field. "

The French Football Federation (FFF) "has used the National Ethics Council (CNE) for alleged discriminatory practices in recruiting the PSG Training Center," said Friday. "After reviewing the file, CNE will have the power to turn to the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League (LFP) to assess any disciplinary action," the Authority said in a statement. "FFF, along with the LFP, recalls that football bears and defends the values ​​of diversity and universality and fights against all forms of discrimination," the Federation said in a statement.

"PSG did not want to accept players born in Africa"

Originally, football player Yann Gboho (French International Youth born in Côte d'Ivoire), 13, playing FC Rouen and writing "in the eye" PSG recruiter for the Normandy region, Serge Fournier, "writes in Leaks. November 2013 "also mentions the" Caribbean. "When the hobbyist moves to the box, a drop-down menu is displayed to check one of four options: French, North Africa, Caribbean, Africa.

The name "French" would need to be written whiteEspecially because all the players we recommend are French. PSG did not want to accept players born in Africa because we are never sure they were born, "says Laurent Fournier, who spoke to Mediapart." Two years later, in an original box, he writes: Black Africa », according to Mediapart. The player will finally sign in Rennes.

The name of Gboho then awoke "a great enthusiasm for the PSG, as shown in the internal report of the training session held on March 14, 2014," Leaks said. During this meeting, Westerloppe, according to this document, says: "We will not return to this topic. There is a problem of club orientation, a balance of mix, too many Western Indians and Africans in Paris. young people in Île-de-France: "Besides being not an ethnic affair but a talent. "

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Confused internally

The law "is forbidden […] collect and record information that directly or indirectly indicates origin racial or ethnic "recalled CNIL, who was questioned on this subject. Signing the inconvenience caused by this case, still according to football leaks, the secretary of the staff council wrote to the Human Resources Director, copied many trainers to condemn the "notes on March 14 by Mr. Westerloppe and on behalf of the club leadership." You can not support this turn 180 °! ! ! ! None of my co-workers in training or pre-school education can trust, "he says.

Mediapart says that Westerloppe is summoned "on preliminary talk" on June 27, 2014 in which he denies the "false, malicious and stupid" accusations of Jean-Claude Blanc (current deputy CEO of the PSG). No punishment is pronounced. Olivier Létang, PSG Sports Director at the time – now President of Rennes – said he was "deeply shocked and injured" by ethnic allegations in his statement to Agence France-Presse.

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Reminder of "quota trading"

To respond to football leak issues, the PSG "sent" Malek Boutih, former MOS deputy (2012-2017), former president of SOS Racisme (1999-2003), who "works for fifteen years on racism issues within the PSG Foundation". According to him, "management did not know". "The facts reported in the Mediapart survey are very serious, and Licra asks PSG to explain publicly and transparently that all of this is going away, and our legal committee is captured," said Licra (International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism ) on your Twitter account.

In the case of French football, this case will be a "quota case" when the idea of ​​introducing binary quotas for young people appeared at a meeting of the National Technical Directorate (DTN) at the end of 2010. Laurent Blanc, coach of the time, then said it was for this idea relatively "favorable" and claims: "What are at present so big, strong, strong? Black […] I think we need to think again, especially for boys aged 13-14, aged 12-13, have different criteria that change by their own culture […] The Spaniards said to me: We have no problem. We Blacks have none, "

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