Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco "very dirty": entertaining, Albert confides

"They are always very happy, very playful, very playful [rires], You will see them during the National Day."Monaco Prince Albert II, who talked about his children, the inheritance of Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, did not disappoint: not only saw the twins on the balcony of the prince's palace during the traditional military parade, held in the square below them, but they also revered their reputation, they enjoyed fun with the figures … and even the balloon was launched!

In the preamble to the national festivities of November 19, 2018 on a rock that his wife Princess Charlene and a large part of her clan contributed to, the monk ruler had previously given his time to the day Monaco-Matin for an all-round conversation. The family occupied a central place and was an opportunity for the princes to draw a small assessment of the first weeks of Jacques and Gabrielle, who celebrated their 4th birthday on 10 December. "This return has happened with amazing ease, joy and good humor. While visiting their school two days ago, their adaptation surprised me, Charlene and me. Children are really happy. This small Montessori school [“La Petite École”, qui a déménagé du Cap d’Ail pour ouvrir cette année quai Antoine-Ier à Monaco, NDLR]at the harbor, was very well appointed and is very nice. I'm not surprised that she feels good about her. They perform many diverse learning activities, including songs, according to Montessori pedagogy, which promotes oral expression as well as artistic. They are always very happy, very playful, very playful"said Albert and our colleagues.

My family first

Confidence that, in the spirit of the Prince, undoubtedly contributes to the cohesion of the great Monegasque family, as he remembers it especially during the 19th November festivities:The National Holiday is a great family celebration, where we are very pleased to welcome diplomats and foreign personalities. This physical gathering of Monegasque around my family is always joyful and represents important moments for the cement of our community. This is especially true when there are certain concerns and concerns. It will be an opportunity to strengthen this union between Monegasques, the people and the family"This year, he was able to rely on the participation of his sisters Princess Caroline of Hanover and Princess Stephanie of Monaco, his nephew Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi with their wives and their children (including the very young Francesco, Stefano and Maximilian who paid attention) Louis and Pauline Ducruet. In the evening, many personalities joined the hard core of the princely family for the closing of the National Day, without the Salle des Princes in the Grimaldi Forum.

Charlene is committed to a new journey

Albert II. Monaco also took the opportunity to meet with the diary Monaco-Matin to decipher the new commitment of his wife, Princess Charlene, who, in the aftermath of sport and the prevention of drowning the guidelines of her establishment, has come to the fore for road safety. Explains: "This commitment came from interviews with FIA President Jean Todt, who tried to create a group of personalities who can help him with this important message of road safety. (…) My wife is also interested in the subject because it comes from South Africa, a country with many problems in the field of road safety. She is particularly sensitive to this cause and I think it's a beautiful fight. Charlene likes to participate in these reflections along with other personalities. His commitment is long-term."A commitment that could lead to an exchange with Camille Gottlieb, the youngest daughter of Stephanie Monaco, who has just begun in the Principality of her association to raise young Monegasques to the dangers of drinking and driving.

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