Morocco: launch of building roofs mapping buildings capable of accommodating photovoltaic installations

Find out if the building's roof is conducive to the installation of solar panels and whether it will even be possible to estimate electricity in Morocco thanks to the solar cadastre launched in Benguerre before generalization across the Kingdom of the Horizon at the end of 2019.

Developed by the Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energy (IRESEN) and the Benguerir Green Energy Park in collaboration with the Geoscience Laboratory of Ain Chock (Casablanca Hassan II University) and the Kelaa des Sraghna City Agency, this project is the first of its kind on national and continental level , provides information on the real potential of photovoltaics, especially for low-voltage and residential and industrial sectors.

According to IRESEN, this service will be made available to the general public as an online application ( It will be available from next Monday, according to the Institute.

The second-developed region is the city of Casablanca, whose solar cadastre will be completed in December 2018, said the statement and added that they would follow the cities of Marrakech and Rabat to cover the whole territory of the country. horizon end of 2019.

From now on, public administrations, businesses and individuals can identify using a simple color code whether their roofs are suitable for installing solar panels and have an estimate of electricity production, says the same source, and notes that the Advanced Search Module also helps identify buildings with high solar potential .

The Solar Cadastre is a cartography of building roofs potentially capable of accommodating photovoltaic installations. This GIS-based innovation is an interactive tool representing photovoltaic potential, calculated from algorithms that simulate the average annual exposure of urban and rural roofs (KWh / m² / year).

This algorithm considers several factors, including the geographic location, the height of the studied area, the slope and the orientation of the site, and the effects of shading buildings and terrain.

IRESEN is a research institute created by the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and the Environment in 2011 and several key actors in the Moroccan energy sector to support the national energy strategy by supporting applied R & D in the field of solar energy and new energies.

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