PSG accused of firing their young players

According to the new set of "Escapes from football", the Paris recruits used this practice, banned in France. PSG claims to discover its existence.

Yann Gboho (right), currently a player at Stade Rennais, was classified as

A pull-down menu was displayed with four options: "French", "Maghrebian", "West Indian", "African". Paris-Saint-Germain is caught in a new scandal following the discovery of a European media team, including the news site Mediapart, that newcomers from PSG welcomed the young players that the club had studied, according to a new set of "Football Leaks".

After publishing this information, the Paris Club confirmed "Illegal content forms were used from 2013 to 2018 by a recruiting cell of a training center that dealt with the territory outside Ile-de-France", PSG condemns and "Personal initiative of the head of this department",

"The club's general management never knew about the ethnic registration system within the recruitment department, nor did it.) Given the information in these documents, these forms betray the spirit and values ​​of Paris-SG. "

In addition, the club of the capital claims that " as soon as it was informed at the beginning October & # 39 ;, its leaders have "She began an internal investigation to understand how these practices existed and to decide what action is needed."

Sport Minister Roxan Maracineanu also responded by expressing it "Dismay" in a joint statement with the Minister for Gender Equality Marlène Schiappa: "If these acts of discrimination are proven, they are punished by disciplinary or even criminal sanctions. We can not tolerate people being identified, accepted by their skin color or their origin." She asked the French Football Federation and the League "Check this file",

"Too Many Western Indians and Africans in Paris"

According to the European Media Association "Talks Appear Internally in March 2014", Originally a soccer player, Yann Gboho (French international youth born in Côte d'Ivoire), 13, who plays FC Rouen and the band "In the Eye" "PSG recruiter for Normandy, Serge Fournier", reads "Football Leaks" in the van. «Cards completed on November 2, 2013 during the US Sapins-FC Rouen match» mentions the origin ("Antillais").

The name of Yann Gboho was then "It has sparked a lot of excitement for the PSG, as evidenced by the internal report of the training meeting held on 14 March 2014", we can read in "Football Leaks" section. During this meeting, Marc Westerloppe was at that time Director "Club recruitment in the whole country except Ile-de-France" (and who left the PSG for Rennes in January 2018) declares in this document:

"We will not return to this topic. There is a problem of club orientation, a balance of mix, too many Western Indians and Africans in Paris."

A reflection that provokes the indignation of other participants, such as Pierre Reynaud, the Ile-de-France youth recruiting leader: "Besides, it may not be an ethnic question, but a talent." "One last sentence concludes: "Then, an upset debate …" "written Mediapart,

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"I met a shaken team"

All records of ethnic origin are forbidden in France, where the subject is more sensitive than in other countries. As a sign of the inconvenience caused by this case, still according to "football leaks", the secretary of the staff council wrote to the director of human resources, copied many trainers, "Statement made on 14 March by Mr Westerlop on behalf of the club leadership",

"I met a shaken team, particularly affected by what seems to be a new philosophy of our society, and I can not support this turn by 180 °!" None of my co-workers in training or pre-school education can trust him. "

Mediapart says that Mr. Westerloppe was called "Preliminary interview" On June 27, 2014, when he protested against Jean-Claude Blanc (currently Deputy CEO of PSG) and appealed against him, "Fake, malicious and stupid", No punishment is pronounced. Westerloppe and Olivier Létang, sports director of the time (now chairman of the Stade Rennais) simply refused Mediapart that "This case concerns PSG",

But in his statement issued Thursday, he himself said Olivier Létang, the current president of Rennes "Deeply shocked and injured" fees. He claims he always had one goal "Join the best young players to evolve with a professional team."

Cards were filled in until spring 2018

On the club side, management has confirmed that " taken at the time by the Austrian Council, firmly reminded the rules and values ​​that should lead to recruiting a player into the club. "

"There is no concrete evidence to confirm this, and the club has not been able to take the appropriate disciplinary measures."

these "The same observation sheets with reference to the origin were consistently fulfilled until the spring of 2018", but accuse instead of information.

To answer "Football Leaks", PSG "Mission" Malek Boutih, former deputy PS (2012-2017), former president of SOS Racisme (1999-2003), who "He has worked for fifteen years on racism issues within the PSG Foundation", "On behalf of the club, he confirms that this set was introduced but (…) things were done secretly" and it "Leadership did not know", relate to Mediapart,

For French football, this case will be awakened "Quota Enterprise", when the idea of ​​introducing binary quota for young people appeared at a meeting of the National Technical Directorate (DTN) at the end of 2010. He said that Laurent Blanc, the time coach actually "Favorable" to argue this idea: "What is currently big, strong, strong? Black () I think we need to think again, especially for boys aged 13-14, 12-13 years, have other criteria that are regulated by our own culture (The Spaniards said, "We have no problem. We Blacks have none. " "

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