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Rachida Dati reacts to his character

During your recent visit Political program in France 2 next to Léa Salame and Thomas Sotto, Rachida Dati sent an uncharted face. It got a nice selection of teasing from the internet.

Speaking of the Yellow West Crisis, MEP Rachid Dati and Mayor VII. The Arrondissement in Paris has a more significant mind with its new physical metamorphosis. The frozen face, botox and lips filled Real Wife of Beverly Hills.

Response to the shovel and who suffer from a lack of finesse then attacked social networks.


Rachida Dati reacts

Her mocked figure, the ex-Garde des Sceaux sends a joke as she is invited to the leo Salame microphone in France Inter 29 January. "Are you reading social networks, criticism, mockery, anonymous insults? "the inquirer asked. "I do not know. As you can see, I'm still in Blackberry, I'm not. I have a family, I have a personal and intimate life, I read them and they hurt them a lot "said Rachid Dati.

"It basically invents my character, but for men never! I do not think you see great men in front of you, very beautiful and perfect. Women always bang on physical. We have the right not to be trained, to be ill prepared, not to compose, to be tired, to be aged for 20 years, without being able to be made for aggression, systematically violating anonymous … As always cowardice … ", she concluded.

A show that will also mean its lack of timidity or respect. In fact, Rachida Dati suddenly leaves the studio when Charline Vanhoenacker arrives for a humorous column. Would she lose a sense of humor, like the natural face of a 53-year-old, now unrecognizable?

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