Six months' imprisonment against Ibrahim Maalouf

On Friday, the prosecutor banned a six-month prison sentence against French-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, who attempted a sexual assault on a 14-year-old student in Créteil (Val-de-Marne). The judgment will be delivered on November 23.

According to the version of a young woman, now 18 years old, the musician would kiss her for the first time one evening at the exit of the cinema. A "kiss with tongue," according to her, is "a kiss", according to Ibrahim Maalouf, 33 years old at that time, in 2013.

For him, it was the girl who was originally. "I took her wrist, turned away from her without hurrying her."

Two days later, and according to the version of the girl, the musician would kiss her again, this time in her recording studio, where she took care of the internship.

It would be "captured by a pan" that would tell a sexual act. "I felt his penis behind me on his buttocks," she told the investigators.

This second succession never existed, because its part was held by the trumpeter's bar, the four winners of the music and Cesar's best film music.

Parents did not report the facts until a year later, after they had been entrusted to doctors. She began to hide and had eating disorders.

"How do you expect a girl whose health condition objectively aggravated lay for nothing, just because she was upset by being rejected?" its requirements.

And she turned to Ibrahim Maalouf, "It is more than the right to attribute it to a girl at the age of 14."

There is no doubt that a girl who wanted to be a trumpeter and admitted to being "fascinated," "in love" with a musician is "credible". It was "surprise" and "limitation," he said.

The prosecutor, however, spoke of the "danger" of Ibrahim Maalouf. He stressed that he did not want to demand that the other who teaches music to young people could not work with minors. "There are times when each of us can commit crimes," he said.

Trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf decided on Friday for a sexual assault on a minor
Trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf is suspected of having a minor sexual assault

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