Stan Lee, father X-Men and Spider-Man are dead

The huge page turns to the world of comics and superheroes. Stan Lee, a screenwriter who brilliantly bore Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man or Black Panther, died Monday at the age of 95, according to several US media. it for the Revolution of the Comic World and Popular Culture, he has created Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men or Fantastic Four for Marvel. Stan Lee died Monday morning at the Los Angeles hospital according to TMZ and Hollywood Reporter. "My dad loved all his fans," said his daughter J.C.

Looking at his smoky eyes, Stan Lee plunged into the world of comics, most likely, far beyond imagining he would make a generation of superhuman dream fans. Born on December 28, 1922, in New York, the family of Romanian immigrants who were severely affected by the Great Depression. Stanley Martin Lieber dreamed of writing a "big American novel". At 17, he finds work in the comedy department of Timely Comics.

A simple assistant is responsible for bringing coffee and filling designer inkwells before publishing his first text in 1941. He wants to book his real name for more "noble" works, chooses the pseudonym Stan Lee, When the two star authors of the house, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, are released two years later, is offered the status of editor-in-chief. Subsequently, Kirby, the designer of genius, becomes his great accomplice with the nickname "The King". Stan Lee, the screenwriter, will be called a "man."

For twenty years, director Stan Lee has directed Timely Comics, now Atlas Comics, writing stories in all genres, while superheroes have disappeared after World War II: Western, romance, sci-fi, horror, humor … In the crisis sector, Atlas Comics lags, just imitating his big DC Comics rival, where he "officiates" Batman or Superman.

When his boss asks him to create the home equivalent of the "Justice League" just released by DC Comics, Stan Lee gives his instinct freedom on the advice of his wife. In 1961, the Superhero Team will introduce Fantastic Four and forever change comics. While superheroes are traditionally smooth and flawless, Stan Lee's characters are ordinary men and women, endowed with super-performances by a combination of circumstances but filled with human suffering. Heroes are going to, doubt, fight with financial problems or love to identify readers. Criminals are also endowed with feelings. "This guy, Peter Parker, I just want to be a basic teenager, does not look like another muscular superhero," Stan Lee Jack Kirby asked before making another legend of drawing, Steve Ditko.

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The Universe "Marvel"

"Fantastic Four" is a success, and Stan Lee leads him to create a number of new heroes: Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men, Daredevil, Doctor Strange or Spider-Man. "If I knew I was so good, I would ask for an increase," he laughed in the summer of 2017, while Hollywood gave tribute to the famous Chinese theater. One of his trademarks: they give the same initials of the name and the names of his characters. Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, and Matt Murdock will not escape the rule.

In the 1960s, Stan Lee became the male orchestra of the publishing house, renamed "Marvel". It combines the role of the writer, publisher and director of the publication. Marketing genius creates the "Marvel Universe". All of his superheroes evolve in the same world and find themselves on the pages of various group magazines: everything is happening so the fans feel like they belong to a community. Several decades later, Hollywood still uses the same technique in the widescreen adaptation of superhero adventures.

To keep up, Stan Lee systematises the "Marvel method". Rather than a real scenario, it provides designers with a brief overview. Once the boards are drawn, they complete them by writing bubbles and legends. The creations are largely co-author of the stories. Some will blame Stan Lee for wanting to get his blanket at their expense.

The publisher becomes the ambassador of comic books in the United States, multiplying the conference in universities, and performing in fan conventions that he sometimes considers to be a demigod. Walt Disney fan, watching the adaptations of Marvel heroes to television and film, in the habit of short performances in all character films.

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After a short lead, Marvel left Marvel in the late 1990s. Despite a long study with Marvel, purchased in 2009 by Disney for $ 4 billion, Stan Lee was always closely associated with a company that was still an emeritus president and an everlasting symbol.

The last years of his life have been marked by several court cases. He sued his former POW company! Fun before surrendering. The masseur therapist also accused him of the attack he denied. In June, his lawyer also asked for a detention order against his former assistant. It is said that rich ninety years is a victim of abuse of weakness. His lawyer explained that 95-year-old Stan Lee suffered a "loss of memory, sight and hearing impairment," and "could not resist the restraint" his assistant had done.

Many reactions

Personalities from all social strata remind him of his influence on folk culture. "Stay calm, Stan Lee, the imaginary worlds and the miracles you've created for humanity will stay forever," Tesla said American founder Elon Musk.

"Zeus, give him his throne, now he's a real patron among the gods," wrote French comic writer Joann Sfar on Twitter. Ryan Reynolds, an actor who plays Deadpool, also told him, "Thank you for everything."

Marvel's official account, Twiter, also sent a report of tributes. "Today, unfortunately we stopped to fear and sadly think of the death of Stan Lee."

Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine, the character X-Men: "We lost creative genius, Stan Lee was a pioneer in the world of superhero, I'm proud to have been a small part of his legacy … and helping bring one of his characters to life. "

Mark Hamill, known for his portrait of Luke Skywalker, in the Star Wars sega: "His contribution to pop culture was revolutionary and could not be detained (completely). It was all you could hope for or more, I loved that man and he it will always be missing, it is said that one should never fall down with the idols of youth.

Chris Evans, who played Captain America in Marvel: "There will never be another Stan Lee, for decades he offers young and old adventure, escape, comfort, trust, inspiration, strength, friendship and joy, sweating of love and kindness, and leaving an indelible print of many , many, many lives. Excelsior! "(a word often used by Stan Lee)

Tom Holland, who starred Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming: "How many millions of us are indebted to this gentleman than I am." Marvel's father made so many people incredibly Happy life, what life and what success is resting in peace, Stan. "Robert Downey Jr., who played Iron Man in the films:" I owe you everything … resting in peace, Stan. "Frank Miller, another great American comic book author:" He disappeared from the death of my friend Stan, inspired me during his childhood, I'm one of my mentors when I started, a really nice man. terribly miss. "

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