Tangier Med: Securing almost 110,000 euros in unreported currency since the weekend

Network in Tangier Med. Securing nearly 110,000 euros in foreign currency has not been declared since the weekend.

Elements of the customs authorities in Tangier Med took place in four separate operations that had taken place since last weekend and the detention of the amount of EUR 107 050, which was not declared, was abolished.

During normal weekend traffic, customs officials canceled an illegal $ 17,600 bid for a Moroccan national resident in Spain hiding in his luggage with the intention of introducing them into Morocco without a prior declaration of customs and excise duty, said from the same source.

The customs officers also managed to get their hands at the end of the week for EUR 26,050 that the MRE living in Italy attempted to bring to Morocco aboard their car registered in the same European country.

On Monday, the same source added, the elements of the customs organization have defeated two attempts to put 18,200 euros in Moroccan territory and 45,200 euros for Moroccans residing in Italy.

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