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The site for environmental protection will be broadcast during the TFC – Lille match – 17/04/2019

Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) and WWF France signed a one-year partnership on Tuesday, April 16, to raise awareness among football supporters of biodiversity conservation and reduce club footprint. This weekend, an information point will be posted before the football matches.

If you go to the stadium on Sunday 21 April to attend the TFC – Lille meeting, you will see a place to raise biodiversity awareness. This weekend was broadcast before all Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches and was created as part of a partnership between Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) and WWF France.

Raise awareness among supporters and practices to reduce their ecological footprint

The aim of this agreement is to raise awareness among the general public and educational center participants of biodiversity and environmental issues, as well as to reduce the environmental footprint of clubs. "A few figures are enough to measure climatic distress: every four minutes, the equivalent of a forest soccer field disappears on the planet. The plastic waste equivalent grabbed for a minute is poured into the oceans is eight to ten million tons per year.

"In the face of this phenomenon, it is important that everyone is interested. We also want to take advantage of WWF France's expertise to help our clubs reduce the environmental footprint," said Nathalie Boy de la Tour, president of LFP.

The biggest environmental impact of football is the movement of practitioners and supporters, but "85% of clubs give viewers awareness of how to get to the stadium by public transport, and 64% have set up a carpool," said Nathalie Boy. on Team,

Measures to protect the environment and involve young people

Several professional football clubs have already introduced regular environmental events and involved young players, such as the Clermont sorting room. Various operations will be carried out, such as the cleaning of Lez's banks in Montpellier for the MHSC or the discovery of Mediterranean biodiversity for Gazélec FC Ajaccio.

"For sport and even more for sports performance, it is essential to develop in a healthy environment, breathe clean air, eat good food," said Isabelle Aussier, WWF president. ,

At present, no action is planned at TFC except for the dissemination of awareness.

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