Towards a new preventive treatment for peanut allergy

In one study, scientists were able to design capsules that allowed two of the three participants to absorb the equivalent of two peanuts without having a negative effect.

Peanut allergy is the most common cause of anaphylaxis, which is the most dramatic and dangerous form of allergy. Edema, difficulty in breathing, digestive troubles, loss of consciousness … It can even be fatal. However, peanuts are found in many foods, ranging from cooking oil to confectionery, exposing people who are allergic to more or less severe symptoms.

Many research is therefore being conducted to treat allergies, but also to protect people who suffer from accidental exposure, especially the youngest. And researchers at Emory University School of Medicine (US) think they have found preventive treatment "Can protect some children from accidental exposure or ingestion of small amounts of peanuts or peanuts", they write in their report, which was published in November 18 New England Journal of Medicine,

Two peanuts without symptoms

More than 550 participants from twelve different countries, mostly aged 4 to 17, participated in the research. All peanut allergens accidentally ingest either capsules containing higher and higher peanut powder, placebo. Finally, two of the three participants who took the capsules tolerated the maximum dose, which is the equivalent of two peanuts without any symptoms or negative effects. Half of them could even go up to twice the dose. Still, 10% of participants had to stop the experiment because of too violent reactions.

However, this is not a treatment that treats allergy but protects it, say researchers. "She does not dial allergysays Dr. Brian Vickery, director of the essay quoted by CNN. The goal is not to be allergic to peanuts, but to allow them to eat what they want. "

This is the treatment for three million Americans peanut allergic to peanut butter sandwich. Due to the success of this study, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has even announced an acceleration of the approval process. The biopharmaceutical company producing the test product should apply for registration by December.

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