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uninstall PreAMO-infected applications as soon as possible

For Android smartphones, six popular Play Store apps included a malware called PreAMO to generate creative revenue for authors.

For your mobile phone robot, you use a cleaner FRAME as Rambooster Total Cleaner? Remote video viewing application like MyCamera? If so, uninstall them immediately. Highly downloaded, part of six application present on Play blind closing discreet malware, This company, called PreAMO, was unveiled by a computer security firm checkpoint,

Overall, this intruder has been withdrawn more than 90 million times. The goal of stowway is to click as many times as you can on hundreds of ads. This process then enabled the creators to feed their income malwareThey focused only on three advertising agencies: Presage, Admob and Mopub, the name of PreAMO.

Google does homework

All of these applications come from one Chinese company: DO Global. He has published no less than 100 requests on the Internet Play StoreTo complicate the tracking of its applications, the publisher changes the names in the store. Its applications are therefore under the brand name Photo Artist Studio or Pic Tools Group.

Alert issue Google did homework and has already removed 46 requests from this publisher. As for Checkpoint, it is reassuring by explaining that, despite unnecessarily using the power of a mobile malware it is completely harmless.

DO Global has also expressed its understanding of how to understand stringency and decisions by Google. Announces the audit of all its applications to check the presence of PreAMO.

Applications including PreAMO:

  • Smartcooler cooler
  • Flashlight Flashlight Flashlight
  • myCamera
  • Omni Cleaner
  • Rambooster Total Cleaner
  • Speedbooster Optimizer

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