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10,000 Intel Intel Core Processor Appears in Benchmark Database – Computer – News

The Core i5-10210U name appeared in the 3DMark benchmark database. This seems to confirm earlier reports that Intel will provide the upcoming 10,000 processor extensions for the next generation of processors.

The Core i5-10210U is located in the 3DMark database Twitter Apisak's Profilethat publishes more often on upcoming CPUs and GPUs. This is a quadcore in an effective U-series with a tdp of 15W and a clock speed of 1.6GHz. It's probably a Comet Lake U chip that Intel still produces at 14nm.

It's not the first time the Core i1000 processor name came online. Previously, online details about Core i7-10710U, Core i7-10510U, Core i5-10210U and Core i3-10110U have appeared, although it is unclear whether this information is authentic. The Core i7-10710U would be a six-core processor with an hourly rate of only 1.1 GHz. By Komachi's Twitter user The problem with this chip is heat generation and battery life.

In addition, ComputerBase points to the mention of Core i7-1065G7 at the Taiwan Forum. That would be Ice Lake 64nm with 64 implementing units and support for DDR4-3200 and AVX-512.

Intel currently releases 9900 processors, making it a switch to 10,000 logical successors. In the past, the company has sometimes changed its naming system. Four-Core Core 2 Duo, Quad and Extreme Chips appeared and followers of Bloomfield, Lynnfield and Nehalem with three characters like Core i7-920.

As planned by Intel, owned by Tweakers, Intel will release Comet Lake U processors in the second quarter of 2020. The following year will be followed by a 14-meter rocket launch. The code name Rocket Lake was not yet known until Twitter, but a Twitter user momomo_us appeared that there are rocket missile documents on Intel's website. However, they can only be downloaded by customers who have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Plan with Comet Lake U, maybe Core i 10000 series

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