At the end of Sunday there will be no conflict in the Gronings Shopping Center

Sunday's shopping scandal at the Paddepoel Shopping Center in Groningen was over. Resellers and owners' associations have been in mandatory opening for Sunday, but have entered into new agreements.

The conflict has been going on since 2014. VVE wanted all retailers in the mall to attend a monthly shopping sunday. This would clearly demonstrate to the consumer. Some vendors did not mind opening on Sunday, because it would not be good. They kept the door shut and received fines from the tower.

Certain entrepreneurs were fined tens of thousands of euros. For example, the bicycle shop, which was captured in March, had an unpaid fine of € 60,000. Traders went to court with various successes to get fines.

Fines from the table

Urban policy in Groningen also hit the conflict. The city council said that the required expansion of the shopping center should not happen until the conflict is still playing. The shoppers then returned to the table with the tower.

Now there is an agreement that retailers no longer need to be opened on a monthly shopping sunday, but that they can choose Sunday alone. All fines for merchants are also on the table. "We just left them at the retailers as they open up as it happens all over Groningen," Dick Maans, executive director of RTV Noord, says from the front.

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