Confidential questions hinder digitalisation of care – CustomerFirst

The digital transition in healthcare is mediated through, among other things, a lack of trust among care providers in relation to healthcare users, according to researchers Nictiz and Level who recently published the eHealth 2018 monitor. For example, some doctors say they fear patients who share medical information with third parties , and question the security of this data.

Facilitating and supporting
Scientific institutions report that technological development is relatively slow because both users and carers play a role in the proper use of eHealth. Appropriate tools are not always available: two thirds of GPs and physicians know how to find the right technology to meet the needs of patient care. In order to speed up the transition, Nictiz and Nivel will propose that e-health providers be facilitated by care providers and care users. For example, carers need to know what digital options are available on the market and how they are used. Carers need to be supported in the development of digital skills.

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