Facebook allows targeted advertising for vaccine pollutants Now

Facebook allows advertisers to focus their ad on vaccinating people, news The Guardian. The social media is considering steps against the so-called "Anti-tax" message.

Advertisers on Facebook can advertise their ads on thousands of different target groups. These target groups are mapped to Facebook through the sites users are watching and based on Internet users' behavior. One of these target groups is the "vaccine dispute", a group of people who are interested in propaganda against vaccination.

Dutch advertisers can also select vaccine applicants as their target groups. Facebook wanted to be the opposite The Guardian they do not respond to this option.

One of the advertisers who use the target group is American Larry Cook, the operator of the mandatory vaccination site Stop – stopping mandatory vaccination. The site has more than 150,000 members and Cook has already spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to get more followers for their site.

Facebook is considering measures against anti-viral news

Facebook said earlier this week against Bloomberg that it is considering anti-vaccination measures. The company has done so at the request of a US Senator calling on technology companies to take action against the propaganda of the vaccine population.

In recent years, fewer parents have grown in Western countries. There is an epidemic of measles in the US and the virus is becoming more common in Europe.

In the Netherlands, vaccination has decreased in recent years; now only 92% of children are vaccinated against serious illnesses – below the 95% threshold – which increases the risk of infection.

The lower house therefore wants the government to seek action. For example, it could be forbidden to accept children without childcare vaccination, or parents could be cut off from a child allowance if they do not allow their children to be vaccinated.

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