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Geraldine Kemper is ten years old at BNNVARA

Geraldine Kemper was discovered ten years ago during the Sterretje Gezocht program. She won the post as a channel presenter, as did her former colleague Jan Versteegh. The blonde now switches to RTL and looks back at her time at BNNVARA.

The channel has listed all of its peaks in the video, especially for Geraldine. "Yes, I'm sorry, but that's very emotional to me," the presenter responds to the film. "That was really cool. I made so many nice things! We had so much fun!" One of the craziest things she did was to kiss an 80-year-old man during an attempt before death. "I'll just do it, I thought. But you don't have to be nineteen."

Geraldine was also suddenly allowed to travel a lot for her work. "That was very cool," he explains. "Schiphol wasn't suddenly the place I went when I went on vacation, but it happened." The best things she experienced were along with fellow moderators. Meanwhile, it does much less. “From me Guinea pigs I can't escape the feeling: to do things together. Recently, I went to BNNVARA myself many times to record lyrics, discuss how we would do it. "

Geraldine also gives tips for future TV makers. "I looked at everything," he says honestly. "It's a terrible thing, even with the final editor next to it. Collection. During that time, I did so much and everything. I wanted to become a broker." And with ten years of experience in BNNVARA, she's really ready.

Geraldine is now switching to RTL. "They've called for a few times, but I never thought: let's do it," he explains. "But people left, I worked at BNN for ten years and later BNNVARA, and that's a good time for a new step. I had an interview and it was very good." When 3 Op Reis ends, the presenter returns to RTL.

Read the whole interview here.

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