Wednesday , May 22 2019
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Google Delivers Less Pixel Phones – Tablets and Phones – News

Own stupid, retarded debt.

Increasing the price to + 1 000 €, manufacturers have the market for their top line, purposefully, reduced. All because Apple did it.

But Apple gets rid of it: losses are more than offset by a much higher spread. It was an easy decision for Apple to do less for more money? Please!

But in the world of Android, there is a real choice for consumers and the choice doesn't take the phone with a backward, stupid, torn price tag of 1000 € or more is easy. And you have a super fast medium size device (or with OnePlus or Xiaomi even a high-end device where only the camera and some details such as a vibration motor are medium), which is more than satisfactory.
This limit is much smaller than for those who have an iPhone: there you have to choose between paying € 1000 for a new device, buying an old device (at a fairly high price yet), or getting out of the iPhone world.

I think that many Android manufacturers wrongly calculate the entry to 1000 €. Samsung already feels that it is coming, that's why they come out with the tenth and that they emphasize the line A.

However, the Pixel line is simply backward priced, and without midrange option, the only future is therefore lower sales to the point that stingy, customer-hostile, inflated prices that Google copied from Apple cannot replace this loss.

It is time for the blind, secular idiots in Silicon Valley to get to the ground and realize that the average Westerner (who is really smelly rich compared to the rest of the world) does not really give 1000 euros per phone and certainly not if the support is the same retarded as on Android.

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