"Jos B. is no longer suspected of murder"

Jos B., a man suspected of attending the death of Nicky Verstappen, is no longer suspected of murder, but of murder. There is not enough evidence that the resolve has killed a man of life.

This confirms the sources Limburger. In the case of killing, someone can get a maximum of 15 years. For murder one can be condemned to the maximum life.

Later stage

The Prosecutor's Office does not rule out the possibility that the suspect will be charged at a later stage with the murder, the regional newspaper reports.

From the 55-year-old DNA DNA traces were found on the clothing of 11-year-old Nicky. B. was arrested by the Spanish police on 26 August. It happened after a tip from the Dutch who knew him on a search photo.


Nicky Verstappen was found 20 years ago at Brunssummerheide in Limburg. The cause of death has never been confirmed with certainty, but there are indications that Nicky was killed by suffocation.

Brechs lawyer Gerald Roethof does not want to discuss the case in detail until the December 12 pro-forma session.

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