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HOORN – Employees of the merged Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn and Waterland Hospital in Purmerend are also more often vaccinated with influenza vaccination than in other years. This is confirmed by hospital speakers at NH News.

They can not give an exact reason why hospital staff are more likely to be vaccinated. According to the spokesperson, attention is paid to hospitals. "And certain flu waves between both patients and employees will undoubtedly contribute to this."

For example, Westfriesgasthuis hospital was hospitalized in 2017 because there were too many patients with flu symptoms. One part was forced to sleep for first aid and others were sent to Friesland. At the beginning of this year, several hospitals, including the Waterland Hospital, had a shortage of bedrooms due to a flu epidemic.

There was also great attention nationwide. Dutch Association of Hospitals campaign and even Minister Bruno Bruins tried to convince hospital staff through videotaping. "Get the flu, it's a little effort. Protect yourself and the patients."

Insufficient vaccination
Also in hospitals in Tergooi in Hilversum and Blaricum this year, there has been a huge use of hospital staff against influenza. The requirement is so great that insufficient vaccines are available. An important reason for the great interest is that many doctors and nurses have a lasting flu in last year's memory.

Doctor microbiologist Wendelien Dorigo has seen the consequences: "There were more sick people, and if employees get a flu, they get stronger, and then you have fewer people to take care of the sick, which means more workload."

rejection of employees

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