Thursday , September 19 2019
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Meanwhile, in Formula 1

Among all the important news, you can skip a few things during the Grand Prix weekend. No worries, in the section "Meanwhile in …" you inform about the meaning and nonsense of the Formula One world. This weekend, so far in Baku.

Verstappen busy with training for the first European race

Max Verstappen has just returned to his hometown of Monaco, but is now training for the Grand Prix of Spain in two weeks. Fortunately, there is a nice sun in the principality. (Photo by Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool)

Red Bull looked back at the campaign that won over Verstappen

Initially Sergio Perez handed Max Verstappen to the start but later the Mexican was taken back by the Dutchman. And also on the plane where Verstappen squeezed everything out of the Honda engine.

Hamilton's Hairstyle Experiments

Satisfied images on Lewis Hamilton's Instagram account. The Mercedes driver is experimenting with his hair and some remarkable tufts of hair appear under his cap.

A wonderful moment for Jada, daughter of Doornbos

The next weekend, the Grand Prix in Spain will only start in more than a week and a half, so the Doornbos family has plenty of time to go. This is happening with Jada, Robert's daughter. The Doornbos family received terrible news last year that Jada had kidney cancer, but fortunately she recovered completely and now she can travel for the first time. We wish them a wonderful holiday together!

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