Michelle Obama frankly about abortion, ivf treatment and relative therapy

Today, the sights of Michelle Obama appear: "My Story". She made a number of significant revelations in the book she wrote after her move from the White House.

| Jilda van der Bijl

Because of our exclusive interview with Michelle, Linda de Mol, LINDA.-Editor-in-Chief Jilda van der Bijl and interviewer Antoinette Scheulderman were the only ones in the Netherlands to read the book in advance.


In the biography, Michelle (now 54) talks about the miscarriage she had at a young age, and assured that "I physically felt like a wreck and all the optimism we had was the bottom accepted." Because of this feeling, she is now committed to providing more information about abortion.


Michelle then started taking medications that would clog the ovaries and stimulate them. It paid off: she became pregnant again and gave birth to her first child, Malia. Michelle later states in the book that the second daughter of Sasha was born through ivf because her egg production dropped again: "One ivf treatment, very simple pregnancy and seamless delivery".

A quarrel with a "night owl"

It has changed a lot after the arrival of their children. "Larger Sasha and Malia have become, the more I've had to hurry, and the longer I get to the list of tasks, which has made me always at the top speed." The evening Michelle was demolished and she got into the fight with her "night apology" which during this period tried to get into the US Senate.

Relational therapy

"When Barack returned home, he found I was furious or irresponsible, turned off all the lights in the house, and fell asleep." Despite the fact that the two remained together, their frustration became more regular and intense. Solution: Relative Therapy. And that led to new findings. "Today I understand that even a happy marriage can have difficult times, that it is a contract that can be best restored from time to time."

Trump gets it

She is also very prominent in the book about Barack's successors: President Trump. He tells him, among other things, "the woman hates": "My body was shaking with anger when I heard a sound fragment," he writes of the infamous catch cats-office. And of his victory in the elections: "I did not want to do anything more than that, until I could. (…) I was upside down, angry at what was happening."

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