"Pneumonia forgotten child killer" – Abroad – DVHN.nl

Every two minutes, two children die of pneumonia somewhere in the world. Disease is therefore the most dangerous condition for children under the age of five and requires the lives of children more than malaria, diarrhea and measles together. If there is no better control of pneumonia, it can save 11 million children by 2030.

This is evident from a new study by Safe Childs and the American John Hopkins University, which will be presented on Monday in World Pneumonia. Pneumonia is easily prevented and treated. According to the study, most children die due to a lack of vaccination due to misdiagnosis, lack of antibiotics, and misdirection. Most victims fall into South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Pim Kraan, director of Save the Children Netherlands, calls the "forgotten killer" disease. By increasing the rate of vaccination of children to 90 percent, the provision of cheap antibiotics and good nutrition can save 4 million children by 2030.

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