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Rage 2 Preview – Now attention to "Avalanche elements"

NameCraze 2
PlatformWindows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developerid Software & Avalanche Studios
Date of publicationMay 14, 2019

In preparation for last year's E3, we met Rage 2. In Avalanche Studios we were able to play for a while and we got a lot of information about the game. At that moment, Rage was 2 years after his release, but our visit gave us a pretty clear picture. Avalanche and id Software together created the Rage 2 game to be the first Rage. However, this game was only created by ID. Avalanche's help is primarily focused on the spread of the game in the world. The power of id is mainly in the shed, while Avalanche with games like Just Cause and Mad Max has more experience of playing in open spaces.

That sounds good, but in the past year, we have not yet been able to judge how these two aspects are encountering – filming and open world play. Part of the game we could play then turned out to be very limited. In a closed complex, we went into battle with a large number of enemies. It was fun and a great way to show action in the game. We experimented with Wingstick on their heart, we used different special skills and tried all kinds of weapons. On top of all this, we found out how Walker – the male or female main character – is doing a short job with a lot of enemies when he uses Overdrive, a reward for killing assassinations.

As you could read in this preview, it was all very good. id Software knows what to do when it comes to shooting, and that was a great deal of emphasis. After this session, however, many questions remained. After all, we have seen only some fragments of the open world and story elements; At that time we did not record the Avalanche share. That's why we recently visited Bethesda's office in Eindhoven and we got a little done with this game. This time there was a lot of shooting, but the previous session was an important difference: we were allowed to go where we wanted to, so we could choose where and where to shoot.

Of course, freedom is somewhat limited, within one and a half hours. So, for us, a story-based mission was prepared to attract us to certain places. Most of the available time, therefore, completed this mission. It certainly was not so unpleasant. Among other things, the mission meant we had to finish the Mutant Bash TV round, where you had to cope with waves in three different arenas and entertain Mutant Bash TV viewers. Upon completion of this and other challenges we were able to enter the VIP lounge where we could continue the story, which led to the fight with the boss.

This boss fight is not as important in itself, in the sense that you spend less time on it than exploring the game world or interviewing other characters. But the fight says a lot about the game. In the dungeon, well below Wellspring, we were confronted with a huge monster that could escape from Doom. Of course, the hand id Software is clearly visible here. The battle with this colossus also took place in a relatively small area, which further strengthened the "Doom Sauce". Not only did it create a great gameplay but also create a nice variety. One moment when you drive out into a big, open world, the next time you are in id-style boss fight.

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