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Smartphone shows your mood: app for young people with psychological problems

Researcher Levi van Dam (University of Amsterdam) is involved in the development of G-Moji. "The application is actually asking: what does a young person eat, how many hours are they going to bed?" These are questions the social worker is also asking, Van Dam says. "But such an application does the opposite, information comes from the younger ones themselves."

Chat is a slide

Last year, 32 young people participated in the application test last year. Half of them had psychological problems. Two of them attempted suicide. With them, the number of negative emojis was greater than the others, and there were no happy faces before the attempt.

Researcher Van Dam thinks that such an application can be handled more effectively with young people. "An interview with a social worker is a snapshot. With the app you will learn much more about the moments when they feel good or bad."

The young person who has tried the applauds the open nature. "You can easily determine how you are doing." They think that communication through the app is better. "I had to learn to express my emotions. There's a confrontation in an interview that says things happen. That's a good step."

Part of the solution

With the app, Van Dam wants to contribute primarily to reduce the number of young people away from home location. "This is very high in the Netherlands compared to other EU countries, although they are not effective. But the impact is huge on the rest of the family."

It would favor redundant youth support through "radical innovations". "And I think this app can be part of the solution." The number of participants must be extended in the following test. To this end, 500 young people between 16 and 24 are looking for. They must install the app and use it for one month. You can register here.

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