The Belgians will lie in front of three countries

The Belgians will lie in front of three countries

The Belgians will lie in front of three countries

Dutch and Belgian passenger organizations urge political leaders in both countries to quickly secure licenses for a three-member train between Maastricht and Liège.

Arriva wants to start a three-member train between Aachen, Maastricht and Liège as soon as possible, but the Belgian authorities do not give the train. Due to regulatory conflicts, passengers are forced to switch between Maastricht and Liège in Visa. The Rover, TreinTramBus and passenger associations will not see any reasons for the delay.

Dangerous material
Belgium will bounce a new train because it would be physically dangerous. According to European regulations, trains have to contain the European security system ERTMS before 2025. The new Arriva train does not have it yet, but its security will be achieved before 2025. The Netherlands threatens to exclude also Belgian trains because they do not meet the safety requirements. The ILT spokesman confirms that the NRC will check Belgian trains between Lige and the Netherlands next week.

Political pulling
Politics is strongly involved in this issue. The Belgian Minister for Mobility, François Bellot, spokeswoman of Belgium's Minister for Mobility, François Bellot, said: "Belgium will not accept a millimeter." Belgian and European rail security rules apply, including Liège and the Dutch border, and this material does not meet this requirement. "Despite the participation of Foreign Minister Stientje van Veldhoven (IenW) train does not go beyond Maastricht.

Passenger organizations ask interested parties to stop the bureaucratic war and first place the interests of passengers. And that is really important, says Hubert Mackus, representative of Limburg: "Dutch passengers have access to the high-speed lines of Aachen and Liège, and you will soon be in Paris earlier than in The Hague."

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