The family helps with the care of intensive care

When a patient is in Intensive Care (IC), it often gives the family a feeling of helplessness. They do not want to look defenseless, but they're there to help their neighbors care. In any case. Jeroen Bosch's IC nurses therefore set up a "menu of attendance". A list of actions that family members can help with, such as hair washing, teeth cleaning, reading books, and helping with food and drink. They are hoping to limit the impact – often large – of the record on the ICU. Both for patients and for their family.

Security and support

The IC's study by Sister Eline Schippers and Irene de Kroon showed that the family generally likes to help care for their loved ones. Irene: "We saw at the Department that the family needs security and support." The family wants to contribute to the care of their neighbor, providing information has proven to be very important, and the family wants to understand what kind of care is needed to get involved in a good way. stress for family and patients by giving them control. "

The participant's menu is an idea derived from the Integrated Care Family. Family Integrated Care are a variety of ways to involve the family more in the care of their neighbors at the ICU. Children's Department of JHA has been working on this method for some time now. Here parents help care for their children.

What is important and necessary

Eline: "We recently had a patient who had experienced a lot in recent months, she was very sick, and she was sick when she was worried, her husband slept with her during her stay, and she saw her family well. what is important and necessary to him, and what a family means. "

The offer of participation not only helps the family and the patient, but also ensures that healthcare workers have more time to care for, where the family can not help. "In the beginning, a family can take a bit more time, but if family members can once take action from the subscription menu, we'll stick more in the background," says Eline.

The "Add-on" menu is a nice addition & "# 39;

The IC uses a variety of means to make patient-friendly and family-friendly healthcare. Family rooms, follow-up care, IC diary, children's suitcase for kids visits, family meetings and flexible visitors … The menus are a nice addition to this.

Source: Jeroen Bosch Hospital

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