The first edition of the Dutch App Awards (2019): these are the winners

The Dutch App Awards were held for the first time last week. This puts Dutch application developers in focus and you can get prizes in different categories. Our own Dim was on the jury. In this article you can read the winners.

2019 Dutch App Awards

Here in the Netherlands there are plenty of applications that serve the local public. To highlight the teams behind these applications, the Dutch App Awards were created. Last week – exactly on April 18 – was the first year in Amsterdam. The Dutch App Awards are part of the annual Appril Festival, where you can learn all about applications, how they are being developed and meet many people in the world.

Our own Dim, along with Brecht de Leij and Michel van den Berg, were part of the jury of experts who identified the winners in different categories. In particular, the jury focused on design and execution and asked the question "Does this app really solve the problem?" There was also an audience award in which the application received the most votes from the audience present. Among the nominations were applications such as NOS, Albert Heijn, NoFoodWasted, Kinder and many others. There were 4 categories in total, with the following winners:

Consumers: Flitsmeister
> Media and Entertainment: AD
> Social Impact: SkinVision
> Public bid: StuComm (iOS only)

Flitsmeister Dutch App Award 2019

Flitsmeister with their Dutch App Award

Most of us already know Flitsmeister as an application where you will be notified if there is a (mobile) flash on your route. The application can now also process digital matrix tags over the path to display the correct speed and even navigation. AD wins in the Media and Entertainment category. NOS was also a candidate and won many awards in the past. AD still featured because of the stubborn design of this popular app, according to the jury.

AD Dutch App Awards 2019

AD with their Dutch App Award 2019

SkinVision is an application that can be used to analyze birthmarks to see if they are harmful to your body and if you need to see a doctor. As a potentially life-saving technique, SkinVision won the first prize in the Social Impact category. StuComm won the most votes in the audience award. This app helps students to see their study time clearly and safely with all the data such as grades, timetables and exams.

Finally, moderator and organizer Tim Klein Haneveld says: "It was a beautiful first release with fantastic winners. This really inspires us to take the next step. All manufacturers in the Netherlands: sign up now!


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