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The researchers are taking a "promising" step towards a test for the MoE

US scientists say they have taken a step towards a clinical trial that can prove ME / CFS disease. ME / CFS is characterized by heavy exhaustion. There are problems with the diagnosis of the disease; Many doctors believe that complaints have a psychological cause.

The researchers took blood from forty subjects tested, half of whom were healthy and half sick. Then they exposed the parts of the blood to chemical stress by adding salt. The blood of ME patients responded differently than healthy people.

Researchers cannot explain this response, but internist Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert of the Maastricht University calls this test a response to "very promising" NOS.

Mental fatigue

Little is known about the causes of ME, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Above all, people who have it complain of fatigue, weak muscles, sleep disorders and loss of concentration. Some of them also have (chronic) pain.

Last year, the Council of Ministers advised the minister to free up more money to research the background of the disease. The general practitioner rule, which meant that patients with their illness could best go to a psychologist, was deleted last year.

American research was led by intern Daven, a leading scientist who was involved in researching the disease because his son was hit by ME / CFS.

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