Charges for Old Abuse Filed Against Former Manager Lee Lee

The US authorities have filed charges against the former legendary comic book manager, Norma Lee, who has accused him of misusing 95 years before his death last year.

Keya Morgan, 37, was charged with five counts of elder abuse at the Los Angeles High Court.

Fees include false imprisonment, fraud and counterfeiting and relate to the incident last summer before Lee died in November, court documents said.

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An arrest warrant for Morgan was issued.

The court said he was unable to go into the details of the incident, but in June 2018 issued a restrictive order against Morgan in response to a petition filed by Tom Lallas, Lee's former lawyer, in the midst of a fight for Lee's fortune, estimated at $ 50 million.

Lallas argued in the documents that sought a restrictive order that Morgan was a "memorabilia collector who had entered the life of Mr. Lee as his caregiver."

At the time, the lawyer, who was himself seeking custody, claimed that Morgan "disproportionately affects Mr. Lee and isolates him."

Lee, a Jewish co-creator of Spider-Man, X-Men and other superheroes, posted a video on Twitter earlier this month and said Morgan is his "only partner and business manager".

At the time, Morgan said in a statement to TMZ that he had "taken care of Stan Lee for many years and never had a problem with Stan."

"I prove 100% that there is a shadow of doubt that claims against me are false," he said. "The truth will come out."

AFP contributed to this report.

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