German police watch Kylie Minogue's concert after a security threat

Kylie Minogue had to be safe for her German concert after her threat.

Florian Ebener / GETTY

Kylie Minogue had to be safe for her German concert after her threat.

Police officers armed with submunitions were guarded by a Kylie Minogue concert in Cologne, Germany, after receiving information about possible security threats.

"The concert organizer addressed us about a possible threat scenario that emerges from the social media," said police spokesman dpa.

"We can not stay idle with something like that."

About 20 policemen worked with security and security personnel to watch the arrival of concert visitors on Tuesday. The police said the Australian pop stars concert was "completely without problems".

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The police received information about possible interference from Belgium and the pictures of the man were placed at the entrance of the concert venue. All male participants had their identity checked on arrival.

The authorities in Belgium were contacted for further investigation, the spokesman said.

Minogue will play in Amsterdam and Copenhagen this week before returning to Germany on the weekend before the show in Dublin and Belfast in December.

The tour continues to Australia in March next year.

Cologne was the scenario of a possible terrorist event in October when a man threw a molten cocktail at the McDonald's Restaurant at the city's main train station before taking the hostage woman.

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