Hitman 2 & # 39; enhances the unique stealth experience of the genre

IO Interactive took a great risk when the developer turned his "Hitman" sequel to an episodic game. The item itself was basically restarting, changing the direction of the series. Instead of being a linear action-oriented project, the 2016 title made the game more like a point-and-click adventure.

She has used stronger hardware to create vast levels of hundreds of characters that are milling around, scenario scenarios. Maps are a stealth playground where players are looking for ways to remove their brand. This step has opened a new path where players avoid using weapons, and instead rely on being caught and the environment killing its target. IO Interactive's international gambling paid enough for the continuation to be green.

"Hitman 2" is a reboot extension that saves gameplay and fixes the bugs of its predecessors. The main character, Agent 47, continues to hunt for a shadow client after inadvertently marrying people linking the Providence Illuminati. The game offers a recap of the original, but titles with the previous title can download the Legacy Pack for free. Includes maps from the previous game and allows newcomers to experience the whole story.

For unrecognized Legacy Packs, it is a good starting point for rebooted series, and because old content carries a resume upgrade, it is a better experience. Players can learn the language and tools of "Hitman 2", and in this process, the goal of the game of secrets will get a sharper focus.

Just like the original, this sequel allows players to use weapons and rifles to remove the mark, but they will want to skip half of their experience. As agent 47, players are immersed in the scene. They can watch mission stories from the menu or explore the world and uncover new potential customers.

Non-firearm methods test the ability of players to slip because they often have to figure out how to isolate the target, eliminate them and steal their clothes to penetrate the device. This often means attracting a mark on an isolated site by throwing a coin or poisoning food to send a target to the bathroom itself.

Changing clothes in "Hitman 2" is almost like getting a card. It offers access to new areas, but at the same time, players have to look at different characters that Agent 47 can call "fake". As with other secret games, players must take care of maintenance and leave no trace of their presence. He has to hide the bodies, find ways to turn the enemy away so they can slip and shoot the cameras.

More complex missions require players to plan a strategy to separate a goal or find a way inside the base. Perhaps they will have to get rid of their weapons because they will be tested before entering the house or they will have to find a poison to send a key figure to the bathroom where they can go.

This often requires a lot of saving and reloading, as players find the complexity of the assassination. This is one of the bugs that remains in "Hitman 2". It's easy to understand and handle the mechanics, but at the same time it can be punished if Agent 47 is discovered.

Another disappointment is that cutting scenes representing each level and explaining the consequences of missions are basically painted photographs. Unlike the previous title, Hitman 2 offers little in CG scenes. It hurts a story that is more convincing this time when it comes to the origin of agent 47 and his relationship to shadow client and providence.

To his advantage, "Hitman 2" brings the live content that the team introduced in the original. The enemy targets bring back and give players the incentive to play the game. Another advantage of the level of playing is multiple that players can complete new mission stories and get new tools and starting positions with each play-through.

The two new modes – Sniper Assassins and Ghost Mode – are designed to give "Hitman 2" more multiplayer perception. Sniper Assassins is a co-op mode in which players together take off a target, while Ghost Mode is a competition scenario where two people walk head-to-head to find out who can occupy the most killing.

Both should extend the life of "Hitman 2", but it is a peculiar kernel for single player. This makes franchise standout from the crowded field.

HITMAN 2 & # 39;

3 stars from 4

Platform:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Rating: Mature

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