Kim Kardashian and Kanye West "adopt a boy from Armenia"

Kim Kardashian recently got shocked when Kanye West declared he wanted seven children.

While seven may be a bit ambitious, she was alleged that Kim – who already has three children – is about to begin a process of receiving in her father's home country, Armenia.

"They have been in contact with an orphanage in Armenia who visited three years ago and are planning a trip there in the next few weeks," the magazine said warmly.

"[Her late father] Robert's family was Armenian, so she feels perfectly natural. Kim shook her father and loved the little boy who reminded her. "

And by name they have already chosen the name and their fourth child was given a name that would appreciate Kim's inheritance.

Kanye is interested in Kim to jump to other kids

They are parents of Chi and Saints, pictured together with her daughter North

"They've already decided to give Sam a name, Kim's praise to Saghatel Kardaschoff, who changed his name to Sam Kardashian when he came to the US," he added.

A real star could naturally give birth to her eldest children of the North, five and holy, two.

But she and Kanye turned to a replacement for the youngest daughter in Chicago after doctors advised Kim to have no children for medical reasons.

Kim Kardashian still rocking heels
Kim carried her two oldest children

Kanye wants seven children

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Meanwhile, Kanye has a history of having her own way with their family, and Kim has previously admitted pushing her to have a baby number three.

"I was so with my two children and how satisfied with my life as it is, but Kanye mentions it every day for the last 10 days," she told Kocktails and Chloe.

"I'm glad," why does she do it to me? "

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