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Night temperatures up to 18 ° C – here's a good way to sleep

Uncover the blankets – it will be another hot and perhaps noisy night today.

With temperature waves that bring temperatures up to 35 ° C during the day, sleep can be difficult when the night time is so hot.

Conventional solutions are available – such as Sweating in front of an electric fan.

But there are other top tips that people can look for to help you get a good rest.

Those who feel that even their electric fan does not do so would like to try to put a bowl of ice in front of them to blow out the cooler air.

Another fan trick, which can be a bit hard to believe, is instead to shake it towards you – effectively pushing the hot air around the room – open the window and turn it out to push the hot air out and cold air.

During the day, keep the hinges closed so the sun does not slam in and capture the heat all day long.

Use a bottle of warm water. Instead of warm water, fill it with tap water and place it in the freezer.

When it's time to bed, rap the towel around it and put it under your feet or legs.

A similar idea, which can only make a trick, is to place your plates or pillow in a refrigerator or freezer. Use them while you are sleeping.

and MetService says people in most parts of the country can expect the same day.

"Unfortunately, today is an evening for many more hot nights," MetService said.

The daily forecast is mostly around 16-18 ° C in places including Auckland, Whangare, Gisborne, New Plymouth and Wellington.

People in the south can also expect the warm conditions overnight; with Nelson expecting to reach overnight 17C, Christchurch 18C.

Those in Dunedin (14C) and Queenstown (15C) can breathe a little easier, while those in Invercargill may still need a blanket with a low 11C forecast.

Dr. Alex Bartle of the Sleep Clinic has already said that the optimal sleep temperature is between 16 and 18 ° C, but it will be enough for your bedroom to be below 20 ° C.

While air con is ideal, a cheap fan will do a trick. Fans not only circulate and cool the air but also provide white noise that is proven to help people sleep.

White noise is a sound that stays constant without frequency fluctuations.

"Noise in the background", which may be the sound of the ocean, a washing machine, or in this case the fan provides a barrier to other sounds that are more variable than dog barking.

People are able to respond to sound during sleep as a survival mechanism, but white noise masks other variable sounds, allowing us to sleep peacefully.

Dr. Bartle said that even a $ 20 fan would do a trick.


• Drink it!

It's a simple advice, but your mother was right – drink plenty of water to make sure you stay hydrated.

• Freeze the bed
Maybe it sounds a little unpredictable, but putting pillows or pillows in the refrigerator is very effective. Remove them when you are ready for bed and enjoy your sleep.

• Stop trading
Keep the curtains and blinds, especially in the bedroom, closed during the day so the sun gets out. In the evening, open the windows and leave cool night air.

• Go to bed with an "ice bottle"
Fill the hot water bottle with cold water and put it in the freezer. Place it under your feet or use it while you are sleeping. If it is too cold, cover it with a light cloth or towel.

• Electric fan + ice + extra cold
Placing a bowl of ice in front of an electric fan is said to increase the cool air is blowing your way.

• Bedding
Choose only cotton sheets and avoid the waterproof mattress cover because it will get warm and sweaty.

• Control of young and older people. Make sure they stay well hydrated.

• Remember your pets and pets – They need a lot of shade and clean drinking water.

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