Speed-dating has become a regular non-bank event

After a successful 2nd-speed dating event in Wellington, New Zealand's non-banking entities will hold more special events in the new year as the growing advisory interest grows.

Wednesday 21 November 2018, 13:00

The last thing was in December, 19 creditors, Avanti, Bluestone, First Mortgage Trust, Heartland, Liberty, NZCU Baywide, RESIMAC, Southern Cross Partners and Spotcap.

Other special events will be held in March 2019, when Christchurch thinks it is one of the goals they will host.

Sandra Algar, Mortgage Link Counselor, said the event helped industry "expand its horizons." She added, "It is important to know about the possibilities of specialized loans – for some clients there may be a difference between getting the loans they need and not."

Bernie Upton, of Home Loan, said the event was useful, despite the fact that most of its business was used by large banks: "It was great, we're probably dealing with 95% of our business, but it's a lot of applications that do not meet their criteria, especially in the changing environment we are working on in. It is good to realize how professional lenders work together and let us work with them to get effective customer outcomes. "

Meanwhile, NIULife Home Loans founder Jon Masaga said that customers are starting to talk more about dedicated lenders: "Most people do not know enough about professional lending. Today I noticed that customers are much more open to specialist lenders: explain why opportunities for them to work, customers are enthusiastic about it, it was valuable to have creditors there and were able to ask questions about the types of deals they can and can not do. "

Geoff Styche of NZ Capital Mortgages and Insurance said: "There are a lot of product improvements that non-bank lenders are now coming to market when their businesses mature, and they are all able to improve the product, so it's really important to keep up with these data, otherwise you would probably did not do the right thing for your business and your clients. "

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