Take advantage of our popular SSD, 1TB Samsung 860 Evo, for less than $ 150 on Amazon today

Our popular SSD for most people is now available at the cheapest price for a range of capacities. 1TB The Samsung 860 Evo SSD is $ 148 on Amazon Now. When we last looked at this disc, it was on sale for $ 199, so if you were waiting for the best possible deal, now is the time to act. Of course, we do not know what Black Friday will bring, but it's hard to break for $ 148 per 1TB of the awesome SSD storage.

The reason the Samsun 860 Evo likes so much is that it is the perfect combination of price and performance. At the time of testing, the EVO 860 was the fastest three-layer SATA SSD that was not recorded in large write jobs, as did many other TLC drives.

The $ 148 USD 1TB 860 Evo is available as a standard 2.5-inch SATA III or M.2, which also uses SATA III and not a faster NVMe interface. Still, if you upgrade from hard drive to 860 Evo, you will see a huge performance boost.


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