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The Call of Duty franchise spot could cost twice the Overwatch League

Esports Franchise Call of Duty looks like it's just around the corner. However, everyone who is looking for engagement seems to have to pay more than originally reported – apparently approaching $ 40 million with the site offer.

While other competition titles such as Blizzard's Overwatch and Riot Games League Of Legends have adopted a franchise model – asking for 20 million and five million respectively – Call of Duty remained behind the curve despite Activision's repeated warnings to this option.

However, in mid-February 2019, it was confirmed by Activision that the game would move to franchise – leaving a lot of questions in the air about who would invest in spots and how much it would cost.

The team of the top 16 Black Ops 4 players qualified for this year's CWL Pro League.

CWL Franchise price could be rising

ESPN's initial report said Activision Blizzard reportedly claimed $ 25 million in CWL for the upcoming 2020 season, but the investment costs seem to have changed.

According to the esport veterans, the broadcaster and industrial-conscious Scott "SirScoots" Smith, this price tag has risen sharply. On April 28, he wrote: “Based on the OWL Dallas event, if the process is not over, the CWL site will be even more expensive. The last time I heard the offer was approaching $ 40mil a city. "

However, ESPN's Jacob Wolf questioned this figure by reiterating his message that the cost stood at $ 25 million for each investor – being a new group or current Overwatch League team owner.

The League of Overwatch League has now begun to play "home" games, and with the massive participation in Dallas Fuel's first home game, CWL spots may have increased.

Founder of Envy and Dallas Mike Hastr0 & # 39; Rufail posted a team home video that boasts an impressive crowd size.

City-based CoD franchise

Details of the upcoming Call of Duty franchise model remain rare, without any information on how many teams will be involved, whether or not the games will be paid for in an arena like the Overwatch League, or if the current schedules have to be split.

One thing for sure is that teams will be the urban base in a similar, if not identical, way as OWL teams are currently operated and branded.

It has been reported that owners of current OWL teams will be able to negotiate when it comes to bargaining for their home markets – which means OpTic Gaming and Envy will be able to keep their Houston and Dallas brands.

With the Black Ops 4 competition season in full swing, we'll only see who invests in the Call of Duty franchise league and just when finer details are announced.

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