The Chiefs-Rams scorefest predict the future of NFLs – to the point

Still sweeping after Monday night Rams-Chiefs point party on L.A. The Coliseum fights over the fog and thinks …

Did it really happen? Was it as amazing as it was at that time? Is it the way it will be in the NFL now?

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The answers are yes, yes and … something. Yes, Rams beat Chiefs 54-51 in a game that had more points (14) than Buffalo Bills scored this season (13). It is the first NFL game where each team has scored at least 50 points. And yes, the value of entertainment was over the roof. How often do they live in this life after their pretense?

But as to whether it is a type of game, we should expect to see it all the time, the answer is a little more complicated. In any case, there is no play 54-51 away, but OPTIONS 54-51 have bought a house at the end of a dead end and nowhere go nowhere. Monday evening showed us the direction the NFL is heading and is heading for some time. Statistically, and in terms of pace and excitement, Monday's game was not very different from last year's Super Bowl. This thing does not want to fix itself and turn another direction, probably sometimes. Monday night culminated the years of regular changes that protect the QB and the receiver, and favor transient happy misdemeanors and wave recruiting from leading coaches coming from the offensive side of the ball.

Of the 20 top coaches hired in the NFL over the last three years, 15 have come from an offensive environment and you should not expect this trend to change soon. If you are the owner who thinks that coaching will change this offseason and watch Sean McVay against Andy Reid on Monday night, you are thinking yourself, "How can I get to that?" The head coach you are hiring is almost certainly a guy who will convince you that he has a lot of new ideas on how to get points. You have to do it to win. Of the bottom 16 NFL teams just in points for the game, only one (Washington, 6-4) has a winning record.

Most points for the game over a week 11 Since 1970

Year team PPG
2007 Patriots 41.1
2013 Broncos 39.8
2000 Rams 39.2
2018 Saints 37.8
2009 Saints 36.9
2018 Bosses 36.7
2012 Patriots 35.8
2011 Packaging machines 35.5
2018 Rams 35.4
>> More times with more teams
35 PPG Week 1-11 since 1970

The total average score for the match currently stands at 48.4 points (a combination for both teams), which would be the highest since the 1970s fusion if it is held all year long. (And that's "IF" because the bad weather is just around the corner.) Only eight teams in the history of the league have earned more points for the game during the first 11 weeks of the season than this year's Rams (35.4), and two of these eight are this year's bosses (36.7) and saints (37.8).

The rated revolution you see is real and it's not a coincidence. Chiefs-Rams was the highest-rated football star at the age of four at the age of four, up 57 percent from last night on Monday night. The League so happy and will continue to support scoring in any way. The last couple of years have been harsh for NFL as an entertainment product, and because that's what's in its core, the league is keen to make it as fun as possible.

I still do not believe it's so simple and dramatic because "football, as we know, is over." We are not yet ready to go all the way into a hand that accumulates that dead defense is. Points score is certain, but 48.4 points per game is only 1.6 more (less than one point per team behind the game) than the previous level in 2013. Heck, the third highest score in the history of the league was 1948, when the game averaged 46 , 4 points.

What is happening is more evolutionary than revolutionary, just because there are not so many teams that can get 50 points in the game. Look at the Thanksgiving schedule on Thursday. It would not be a surprise if the Falcons and Saints came to the 1940s, but you do not expect it from Lions / Bears or Dallas / Washington. Not every team has it Patrick Mahomes And Tyreek Hill And Travis Kelce And Kareem Hunt And Sammy Watkins And an undervalued attack on the monster.

And if you came out of the Monday night, defense thinking was condemned, you were not very closely watched. Of the total of 14 points, three defenders scored in the game. It is not set up by defensive players, but in fact a defensive player has scored a goal that crosses the goal line with the ball in the hands. The best-paid player on the pitch was the Rams Aaron Donald defense team, which had two bags of Mahomes, without which the bosses could actually fly out of Rama.

Is it more difficult to defend than ever? Yeah. Will it be easy soon? No way. Days when it is possible for teams not to push the ball up and down the pitch are simply gone. But what happens now on the defensive side is that games and players will change even more. A guy like Donald or Khalil Mack, who can break even the most dynamic offenses one or two times in a row, will revert to a huge contract as they both played in September. A rocking horn that can really cover the receiver, as nobody actually happened on Monday night, will become one of the most precious and most valuable commodities. Look forward to the next spring proposal. Teams are already talking about defensive defensive outlook, such as Nick Bosa of Ohio State and Ed Oliver of Houston. If these guys live only after their hype and the expected lanes, they will be as rich as the supreme fighters when it comes time for their great expansion.

The game is changing dramatically. There is no doubt about that. A game similar to Monday night would shock the world 10 to 15 years ago when we were thrilled in 2018 by doing what we hoped and expected to do. Scoring is likely to continue, albeit gradually. The new coaches are likely to continue coming from the offensive side of the ball because scoring is becoming more and more.

But football, as we know, is not dead. It's just evolving – and in an exciting direction. Monday night partly meant where it stands, partly a sign of where things are headed and a totally dazzling spectacle of athletic gloss. If that's what NFL is now selling, it's the last thing, it'll be very lucky to sell it.

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