The Health Minister announced a $ 7.1 million investment to restore the Bay Islands hospital

The artistic impression of the new main entrance to the Bay of Islands Hospital, which includes care facilities.


The artistic impression of the new main entrance to the Bay of Islands Hospital, which includes care facilities.

More than $ 7 million will be invested in Northland Hospital to improve its patient services and complete their rebuilding.

Health Minister David Clark, who announced Saturday's investments, said new outpatient and primary care at Bay of Islands Hospital in Kawakawa would provide patients with better access to healthcare services.

An investment of $ 7.1 million was for the second phase of the hospital's rehabilitation.

The first phase of the $ 14 million hospital was officially reopened in September.

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Clark said it was an exciting development for those who live in the Bay of Islands.

"Doctors and other primary care clinics in the field will mean that local people can more easily get the most appropriate care and treatment," he said.

"As minister of health, I have often talked about the challenges we face in the healthcare system and the need to change the way we provide services to those who need it the most.

"The primary task is to make the most of primary care."

Clark said health statistics show that more work is needed to improve the results of Northland people.

The recently published report states that one fifth of Auckland and Northland hospitals were "unsuitable for purposes".

Devices on Northland DHB were considered the worst of all with 12.8 percent of "very poor," 10.4 percent of "poor" and 47.9 percent of "average".

The Ngāti Health Trust would provide healthcare to GPs from new facilities, Clark added.

"I welcome their involvement and the commitment to improve health outcomes for their people – that's exactly the kind of local cooperation we need to see."

Northland DHB would move current outpatient services to a new facility when it opened.

DHB initially planned to spend $ 9.9 million in a first stage on a two-storey hospital with accident and medical departments, radiology, GP hours and a 20-bed department.

This value has risen to $ 14 million after asbestos has been found, and measures have been taken against fire protection and seismic reinforcement.

"We faced a number of challenges as we can expect to work with such old buildings," said Nick Chamberlain, CEO.

"After building in 1940-70, we were expected to find lead and asbestos when we started demolishing old buildings and we did.

"We also discovered previous works that have not been marked by plans – for example, we have discovered a shower and some concrete pit we did not know about."

The second phase of the rebuilding will complete the hospital.

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